3 Tips to Avoid Absorbing Negative Emotions


Emotions do affect communication between people.

We often absorb some of the emotions of the people we come in contact with and we may even experience a change in our own mood even if nothing has happened to us. You may even think what on earth happened that I suddenly feel drained of energy?

Why do you think you get scared when you watch a horror movie? You see the actors acting scared. It is because their emotions are communicated to you through their gestures and facial expressions.

Why do you think we like quietly confident people? Confident people transfer their positive emotions to us and make us feel relaxed, calm and safe. That’s why we like them.

On the other hand anxious or angry people unconsciously transfer some of their anxiety and anger to us and that makes us feel uneasy and uncomfortable around them.

Have you ever experienced being around someone ‘stressed’ and then you leave feeling stressed? It happens because emotions are being communicated to us whether we notice it or not.


When you are aware you can act on it and protect yourself or remove yourself.


3 Tips To Avoid Absorbing Negative Emotions

1. Avoid negative people if possible – because they will unconsciously transfer their emotions to you. If you are unable to avoid them go armed with an intention that you will not take on their negativity, surround yourself with a bubble of light that protects you and deflects their energy back to them.


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2. Observe your own emotions – so you don’t confuse them with the emotions you absorb from other people. If you are feeling down after being with a negative person ask yourself is this my stuff? If not great, move on. If it is then ask yourself how were you triggered by that person? And what is one thing you can do right now to feel brighter .


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3, Act confidently – when you act confidently people will feel relaxed around you and that can have an effect on a negative person. You may even succeed in transferring some of your positive emotion to them.

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Capturing negative emotions before they become thought and action is part of the Butterfly Net Challenge. Next program running September, stay tuned.

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