5 Tips For Writing and Speaking Authentically



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1. Speak and write in your own voice

When I started to write and deliver speeches 40 years ago, I worried that what I had to say was not important, that no one would interested and set about copying the style of what I thought people wanted to hear. The result of that was my writing and speaking was stilted and unnatural, it did not sound like me – because it wasn’t.

Over time I grew confident and created my style and wrote and spoke just like me. What happened was that my authentic self was revealed. The words flowed because they came from my heart, with my intent, and they were delivered in my style.


 TIP – Create, develop and present in your style and you will blossom and shine. How awesome letting the real you out?



2. Whose voice was that, that you did not want to hear?

You know that voice that whispers or sometimes shouts in your ear? It niggles away creating chaos as you try to write or speak. It nags at you until it gets your attention, until you recognise it. Then once you understand you know you can take control and change it.

It maybe your mum or dad, your siblings or your 2nd grade school teacher that you hear telling you all your faults. Things like ‘you can’t do that’, ‘who do you think you are?’ ‘You tried that before and failed’. This monkey chatter does not serve you, it is not loving to you and it will shut down your creativity in a heartbeat.


TIP – When that happens stop and ask yourself – whose voice is that? Is what they are saying relevant today? (it may have been relevant when you were a child, bit it is different now you are an adult. When you recognise this you can say to yourself ‘that is old stuff, I know better now so I can do better- then dismiss it. How wonderful is that?


3. Celebrate your uniqueness

We are what we are, we all have unique experiences, lives and respond differently to our lives experiences. When you share from your heart that uniqueness shines through and that is what attracts people to you.

Use that uniqueness as your point of difference, first recognise and acknowledge then play and work with it. If you can’t see it ask a few friends. That worked for me when I joined a group some years ago and we were asked to write in 300 words why we should get the program for free and what 3 words made us unique. When I asked around my three came back as resilience, inspirational and courageous, words I would not have associated with myself at that time. Others often see qualities in us before we see them ourselves.


TIP Find and cultivate your uniqueness and quirkiness and delight the world with your words and speech…you will be amazed at what happens.


 4. Create stories of your life experiences

It makes you real, relatable and authentic. People will often respond with ‘yes, me to’ or ‘I did that’. Everyone loves stories, start a library of your stories, give them a quirky name and let your creativity flow. Give your story a moral or leave your audience with a message. I have story of confidence versus arrogance and it is a story from my nursing days of how my confidence tipped from confidence to arrogance. It is light hearted, it has a message and it makes people laugh.


 TIP Start your library of stories now and collect as you go. include the goofy things you do, the fabulous things you do and anything in between.


 5. Develop a library of your words and phrases

This is a recent activity for me and came from attending a recent workshop. take note of the words you write and say, that words that make you, you.

Go back and read what you have written, if you have videos listen and pick out the phrases you use. If you ruin dry ask friends or family what phrases you use regularly.

Then after writing go back and see if you have sprinkled your special words. It is not about flooding a blog post with 3 words, it is about using your words to best effect.

 TIP Start that list, add to it, play with it and enjoy it. We learn in moments of enjoyment.


If this post speaks to you and you are holding back or struggling, I can guide and support you. If this is you, I encourage you to reach out, to develop and deliver your style. My offer is 3 sessions tailored just for you. Do it just for you, your confidence will grow and remember, the world needs to hear your message.


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