About Di Riddell

Di Riddell brings out the best in people. ‘She is someone who walks her talk and knows what she is talking about when it comes to confidence  in presenting the best of you’.

 The many people who have heard Di would say it is her warmth and openness. From the moment Di speaks either coaching one on one or on stage she inspires others to lead their lives to the fullest, face their challenges and to believe they are amazing.  Participants say Di delivers with light heartedness yet with confidence and quiet power that makes you feel you are in safe hands.

Hello, welcome to my site! 

I am Di, and my passion is confidence. My dream is to have mature women present themselves at their best in any situation. I work from a realistic and practical, authentic approach to life and share freely my incredible  experiences. With three decades as a professional communicator, confidence coach and MC, I deliver with style, effect and tact.

Di Riddell Confidence Coach

My choice for this time is to work with women 50+. It is an incredible privilege to guide and enhance women’s confidence, spirit and style. My coaching style comes from the heart, sharing real life experiences and confidence scenarios one on one, on this site, in my Blog and workshops helping others to overcome their challenges.

Something new for me was blogging. Why would I start a blog you ask? I enjoy writing…I thought the topic would be of interest…and it was a challenge! The aim of my blog is to be social, sharing and engaging on issues facing women 50+. Initially started as “Paint the Ceiling Beige’ a mature woman’s guide to rediscovering sensuality…it was meant to be quirky by name and by nature. Taking a light hearted, tongue in cheek, fun- filled touch of reality look at life.

 The subjects of confidence and sensuality for the mature woman are dear to my heart…many women in and out of relationships are seeking fulfillment of themselves as women in our rapidly changing world. Many of us have been there for everyone else through life and now find it’s time…time for them…

 I wrote ‘Sensuality looked at from its broadest sense is mobilisation of the senses. Let’s go there together…and create a full on life of vitality. Create that irresistible link to everyone and everything we touch with love, light and laughter.’

 My shock came as I asked Mr Google about the words mature… woman… sensuality.. and found it led to porn sites. Girls…just because we are mature and sensual…does NOT mean we are into porn. So as I redirect my energies, I will take this subject on with gusto in the near future!  

The blog now accessible through the website and covers issues relating to mature women from any walk of life.  

 I have successfully helped many people just like you, so when I say ‘I deeply understand’, ‘I have been there’,  and ‘I know how scary it is to take the first step’, it is precisely because I have been there… and been there for others who felt that way too.

Decades ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Toastmasters International.  That first meeting was the genesis of my ‘confidence coaching’.  You see I had very little so I already valued confidence highly.  I can confidently say that my work ethic, organisational skills, leadership practices are a direct result of my involvement with this renowned communication organisation.  I have been honoured with many awards local, national and International including the coveted ‘Toastmasters International Presidential Citation’ for outstanding services to communication and leadership.  One cannot know what a one shaky, faltering speech can lead to!

I incorporate Life Coaching skills, NLP techniques, EFT and other processes and draw on my nursing background, life experiences and Toastmasters leadership skills to enhance my qualifications as a coach, mentor, trainer and presenter. I have overcome significant personal challenges and I deliver potentially sensitive subjects with humour, diplomacy and compassion, providing pathways to improve communication, productivity, confidence and self-esteem.

I speak widely to audiences on confidence and personal presentation, coach one-on-one and facilitate small groups.

I authored and published my personal story, worked for 30 years as a health professional and I have had 30 years experience of Committee and Board service.

I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and love life, travel; dining in and out, reading, craft and friendship…did I mention confidence, connecting and calmness. In line with my support for women I am involved in a trust bank for women in villages in Bali.

Peace and happiness is I think what we are aIl ultimately seeking…when you become confident, peace and happiness just seem to pop up to support you.