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Hello there and welcome to my media page for some insights int my activities.  

Let’s start with the here and now…and the elsewhere online then onto print media.

One of my passions…promoting the confidence of women in the community.  Inspiring Nambour Women is a project I am connected with through Leeann Butler-Landers … our 3 monthly speaking event was featured in the Sunshine Valley Gazette May 2015.

Confidence, self esteem. confidence mature women., women beyond50


My latest venture has been into YouTube – more coming and we all start somewhere…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjdPRuTtDzkEu9osjAjs6Q?feature=em-upload_owner


Confidence, speaking, self esteem, self belief, confidence for beyond50


And I love writing as well as coaching and speaking and what better platform than a blog. It started after a light-hearted conversation and it evolved into ‘Paint The Ceiling Beige’


confidence, sensuality, self belief, self worth, fun, laughter


When I slipped over to a  Wordpress website the blog morphed into issues that affect mature women… a recent link is http://wp.me/p3QTcY-l4


writing, journaling, self confidence, self belief, self worth,

Along with writing goes images and Pinterest grabbed my attention…yes I am a very visual women. Take a peek http://www.pinterest.com/dimr47/

Images, self belief, sensuality, style. elegance


Then where would we be without Facebook, for news, updates and the fabulous groups… there is something for everyone. www.facebook.com/confidencebeyond50

social media, confidence, marure women, self belief, self worth


Before the blog, in 2006 my journey took me into writing and self publishing my story ‘Beyond Abuse’… another story of evolving. The death of my husband in 2002 was a major event in my life, I started journaling, it developed into more serious writing and speaking…the result was a book.  It was a journey… it has also been a jumping off pint and catalyst for my future.

Writing, self confidence,courage, overcoming fear, self belief, self worth

The book launch was a wonderful way to celebrate its completion…

writing, journaling, self belief, self worth, confidence, life


And doors continued to open…

Confidence to speak out, to rite and to make a  difference

Toastmasters has been a huge part of my journey, for those who don’t know it is a renowned world wide communication and leadership organisation. In 2003 I was honoured with a Presidential Citation (there are a handful given out each year Internationally and it something is bestowed upon you, not worked towards) … the heading for the local media was a little over the top but you will get the gist and likely have a giggle… I did!


Confidence, leadership, recognition, self esteem, self worth


It was a pleasure to be MC for the ‘Women in Toastmasters for 40 Years’ celebration. This organisation which began in 924 did not officially open its doors to women until 1973 and I joined in 1977. What a fabulous, challenging and rewarding time it has been.


Communication, leadership, cocnfidence, self esteem, self confidence, un-confident


The print media articles followed as I started speaking and coaching firstly to women who were starting over and later moving into confidence for mature women.

Counseling, writing, confidnece, domestic violence, fears, overcoming fear, self belief, self worth


Writing, sharing, confidence, self belief, self worth


writing, sharing, domestic violence, moving on, self belief, self worth


An article from the ‘Business Matters Magazine’ on Confidence Tips

confidence tips, self confidence, confidence for mature women,self worth

Folks…networking works… following a connection fro a networking function an article was published in the Sunshine Coast Daily Business Section promoting a workshop.

Speaking with confidence, speaking workshops,  fun, self confidence, self worth, self belief

Last year an opportunity arose to be a contributor to an amazing book  “The Inspiration Bible”  365 contributors shared life experiences and gems learned along the way. The book was collated by Emily Gower an incredible young lady who I had met some years ago.

Writing, inspiration, motivation, self  belief, self confidence, sharing


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