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What Did We Do Before Technology – on the lighter side

Every second Thursday I am thrilled to be part of a 3UA Writing for Pleasure Group. We are led by Margaret Hede an amazingly compassionate and supportive lady. Each fortnight we have a topic, write on it and share in the group. I am amazed at how one topic can take so many different twists. It is a delight hearing how others create their stories. We all love stories.

Today I am sharing the stories of Roma Hines and Marjorie Edwards as they reflect back to a life without technology. 

Roma’s story…

Technology is all around us.  Transport and  Communication are the BIG ONES.

Let’s start with TRANSPORT.

The year was 1944 and my first year at High School.   Living in country NSW, just arriving at High School in Newcastle needed a well -constructed plan.   Leave our farmhouse at 6.30 am on my pushbike, ride 2 miles to the main road.  Park the bike at a nearby house, catch the school bus to Stockton, catch the ferry to Newcastle side of the Hunter River, catch a bus to Newcastle West, then walk another mile to reach high school before 9 am.  Country kids are very adaptable and I accepted this as the norm.   But when Winter started, my bike ride was not pleasant.  In fact, it was freezing when the Westerlies were blowing a tailwind.

 My brother to the rescue.   Rabbit trapping being his great hobby – and source of income; he tied a rabbit skin over each handlebar with a nice wide opening for handlebar my hands inside on to the warm fluffy fur.     The warmest gloves ever.   Then he turned the wretched westerly wind to an advantage.  He constructed a little sail out of an old chaff bag, held upright with sticks threaded each side and top of the sail.  This was attached to the back of my bike rack.  Thus, providing me with protection from the cold wind, at the same time, increasing my speed by a couple of knots.

There was not much finesse with this new technology, but as the only ones to gaze suspiciously at the contraption were the cows, it didn’t matter.

And COMMUNICATION:  it’s all about getting the message through.    Right? Alexander Bell had no idea what he’d started with his invention of the telephone. In rural areas ‘the party line’ was a huge jump in technology.   Also the source of breaking boredom associated with living 5 miles from your nearest neighbour. Our call sign was two long rings and one short.   We can be excused for picking up the receiver with our hand carefully covering it, so our breathing wasn’t detected,  just in case the call wasn’t really for us.   And hanging on long enough to hear the conversation between the other two parties, just to make sure.   And anyway, if the call was to say that those Uptons were getting another visit from that drunken sod of a brother, it was only right that we should know so we could warn the other families.

Then there was Market Day.  Usually a Friday.  The farmers and their wives would down tools and head for the village centre.  Stocking up with goods, and all the local gossip.  Exchanging ideas on new farm developments over a beer in the local.    And the ladies swapping recipes at the CWA tea rooms. Communication of facts gleaned with warmth and good cheer.

 And remember Cricket in Bradman’s Day? Dad was cricket mad and a great fan of ‘The Don’.  When the Test was on between the Aussies and the Poms, we had a pre-arranged signal.  As I was the ‘housekeeper’ while Mum worked in the Packing Shed, I had to listen to the wireless; and when Bradman made his century, I would hang a big white bed sheet on the clothes line, then prop the line up as high as I could, so Dad could see it from the paddock up the farm.  So, the message got through!

                Communication whose process harmed nobody!

                No trolls telling you to ‘self -harm’.

                No one falling down the steps whilst thumbs were working the iphones.

                And best of all.   People looked into each other’s faces and SPOKE.


Confidence, standing together, facing fears

And Marjorie’s story

Neighbours gathered around the greengrocer’s van and chatted. Another day it was the horse-drawn bread truck. These purveyors of fresh goods could rely on customers, because life was simpler, one income enough, and Mum stayed at home to wash, clean, cook and sew. We were the children of post-war homes that started, however, to see a great leap forward in technology. We were amazed by flicking a switch to turn on lights and power electric appliances. The toilet moved inside!! Soon there was more power for hot water, so we didn’t have to scavenge for wood offcuts from houses being built nearby. The frig improved, and we saw the demise of the visiting ice truck delivering dry ice for freezer boxes, and then bakers and greengrocers. Cars became a necessity and convenience. Public transport lagged behind, as ever! Planners couldn’t cope with the new urban sprawl.

More and more conveniences made life easier, while more jobs and less arduous housekeeping enabled women to go out to earn extra income. More income meant wonderful consumer goods not known to us before, with washing machines, electric ovens, nicer cars, a second car, and oh, the wondrous television set! We didn’t hanker for more. It simply had us trying to keep up.

We already had the telephone in most cases. This heavy black item with twisting cord became essential. The twisting cord you might say was symbolic of future communications, that even now has many problems to untangle. But with the advent of electronics, everything we touched was constantly upgraded. The consumer society was in full swing. You had to have this new product, even that vehicle because the family next door or down the street had it. And advertising was big business.

Then came the digital revolution. Wow! It invaded everything we did, absorbing us, informing us via the internet, connecting us with family and friends anywhere, anytime. Children claimed to be smarter than their parents because it was easier for the kids to just grow with it. The adults of our generation were struggling digital immigrants. We had to migrate into a new age, piecemeal. Information technology and social media were not in our DNA.

Is this revolution good or bad? We are better informed than any peoples before us. Developing nations benefit from faster progress and cheaper goods. Sadly their peoples are exploited too. We need to be aware of that. To be responsible, as we benefit from being so well informed and easily connected across the world. And just watch for the downsides in our own lives. Being always connected to our “essential” devices, by some invisible umbilical cord, can seriously invade family time and even chatting with friends. We are expected to carry a phone everywhere, for security and safety and connectedness.

Time is spent on computers in some form, rather than getting out and about and enjoying the world in nature. Even walkers have their eyes on a little screen and their ears plugged. They can’t hear the birds or the sea, or the wind in the trees, and can’t see you! There is no break from it. While more opportunities for business, travel and recreating open up, we can’t have a day off from the phone, from the tensions of keeping connected. It must tag along.

The revolution in technologies is marvellous overall. And it needs power! We forget that just complaining about its cost. The cost of petrol, of heating our homes, of bills for phone and internet. These are closer to us than the problems arising from producing this power, and their effect on the health of our planet and ourselves. In Australia, electricity consumption per capita increased five times between 1962 and 2014. Add to that the considerable offshore energy consumption by companies like Google and Facebook. The data we use. We also produce, in a year, about 20 metric tons of carbon emissions, each! Let’s all slow down a bit. Go outside and tend that tree.

Sharing our stories are a wonderful way of connecting. Have you thought about talking to you Grandma or nanna and hearing her stories of life before technology as we know it today? if not these stories may prompt you to do so. I hope so. 

I invite you to post your story for the pleasure of other readers. 

You can connect with me at or on Facebook on

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The Snake And I…


Rather like my wife and I…only different.

Today is a light hearted sharing of a memorable experience…so memorable that I thought I had already posted it…when in fact I hadn’t,  in fact I had not even written it!

Confidencer self belief self worth Confident women

My memories are so vivid I thought it was done. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing?

It was a lovely balmy night, New Years Eve, gentle breeze, trees swaying in half light as dusk became night. We sat on the verandah, four of us my niece and her husband, my son in law and I. The candlelight danced across the table reflecting around us.  The fairy lights dangling and sparkling. We sat there enjoying looking out over the LockyerValley near Toowoomba. We were all talking, laughing, eating, having a wee drink (note I said wee…), refreshed from a late afternoon swim. And we were ready for a BBQ.

‘So what’ you say… sounds a pretty laid back Aussie thing to do – right? Doing what thousands of others were doing.

When suddenly….things were not as they seemed!

I needed to respond to a call of nature (AKA go to the loo). Now I had been down that hallway several times, it was dark we were on the verandah with candlelight, the kitchen light provided diffused lighting. Just what you need on a hot and balmy night. Ahhh…………………..

As I stepped through the front door where a dark carpet runner lay, in the half light I thought there was a crease in that runner… I tried to pull it with my foot. Nothing happened… so I thought it had anti-slip attached to the back.

I took another step and the carpet seemed to move…I looked at it mentally counting how many drinks I had had (and not that many in case those who know me are having a giggle).

Oopps, it moved again, I suddenly noted a difference in colour… it was not the carpet but a carpet snake.  With one almighty scream…probably heard on the SunshineCoast I was across the formal lounge round the dining table and up on a chair like grease lightning.


snake, scared, no confidnece confident women,


Nothing wrong with my reflexes or vocal cords!

It got quite a reaction.. there was quick movement as they thought I had been bitten and they needed to see by what. Ohh first they turned the light on, always a good move.


snake and the light


There he was a 6 foot carpet snake not all that happy about being disturbed.  Now he had 40 acres to play in outside and he chose our front door… let’s get serious was I out playing in his paddock? Noooooooooo I wasn’t!

With a little encouragement from a pool cue he was off the verandah and slithering away off into the night.

Calmness descended, we adjourned inside. The mood of the evening dropped until the ‘ribbing of Di’ became the evening sport.  Much hilarity at my expense ensued and they even got me laughing.

It was even suggested that a drama takes place…where am I? Up on a chair changing a light bulb. Uummm I did look very carefully where I went, where I put my feet and aware of the slightest movement for the remainder of the night with every light on.

A good question might be – ‘How come you got a photo?’ … NOT BY ME I can assure you! It was niece who got her phone and clicked away…

She then went down the hallway glanced into her son’s room and thought what a mess he left… then she noticed his bedside table was bare and half the contents of his  dressing table were scattered on the floor. The quilt had also been artfully re-arranged (AKA vey crinkled).


confidence is finding your way, nervous


I heard a noise down in the bedroom and thought you had dropped something’ she said. Nooooooo I didn’t! I was out on the verandah. Did I mention I had been to the loo a couple of times. This bedroom was directly opposite.

That snake showed every confidence in exploring… we had thought he had just come in the front door when in fact he had had a wonderful time slithering over furniture, re-arranging things and generally casing the joint.

A friend suggested that he was just looking for company. I would like to state categorically that I prefer my company a little less long and lean and preferably with legs.

Next morning someone not connected with me posted this image of a snake that swallowed a man when he was passed out in the street. I didn’t take that as a comforting revelation.


snake with full belly


So what is a girl to do? Pop onto my favourite Facebook group to ask someone wiser than I to ask about the significance of a snake crossing my path and I wasn’t disappointed.. thanks to all the wonderful girls who responded.


Confidence, self belief, being open


They can represent –

  • A symbol of wisdom. Sexual and creative life forces within humans.
  • Significant personal changes ahead, so intense and dramatic that an Old self will metaphorically die as a New Self emerges.
  • You’ll feel a surge of energy that will Sharpen your senses and awareness.
  • It represents Kundalini energy rising in you. Very potent! Very powerful time.
  • The snake is the animal totem of Lapis Lazuli in The Liquid Crystals…
  • The message. On this day, the regal trace of Lapis Lazuli has landed upon you. An Ancient one of Infinite wisdom, she has chosen you as her playground. Her Presence signals breaking through, cutting away and true realisation of that which should not be on your path. She comes to help you break through illusion and distraction from your personal higher purpose. At this time, your personal power will be found in your voice. This gift should be used responsibly with compassion truth and integrity, for then it will lead to the realisation Lapis has come to offer.
  • This is not a time of healing. It is the time for action and realisation, not outward but inward, to the infinite light that you are. The greatest gifts in the universe are inward, to the infinite light that you are. The greatest gifts in the universe are revealed this way. For now, Realise, See and Know, the necessary healing will come.

That gave me some food for thought

Time has passed. Contrary to popular opinion I survived and thrived. And yes… I will still turn the light on and look regardless.

The fun and joy in life is when you can laugh at yourself, regardless of the situation. To find the positive in a situation and take from it what serves you.  It was funny in retrospect, I did receive great insights and yes they are in line with where I am at right now.

Oohh and lastly…OK now I know being an intrepid explorer is not my style.

Now I would just love to hear your experiences with a difference… please do share. Cheers Di





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Use It Or Lose It…. Like How Long Is It Since You Cooked A Chook?


Doesn’t it drive you crazy when someone says ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’? Especially when you know they are right.

Last weekend I lost what I had not used… cooking a chook for the first time in years ‘happened’ to me.

‘Happened’ is rather a vague word to use here. It reminds me of Sark, ( I think she is fabulous) the author of ‘Succulent Wild Women. She talks about not having too high an expectation of yourself when going out. We put pressure on ourselves to have a ‘good time’ and then we become disappointed when it does not happen.   

She suggests that you set out to have a ‘time’ – then circumstances often conspire to give you that great time… or if not then you still had a ‘time’.

So my ‘time’ went like this…I set out to cook a chook for the first time in many, many years. Orgasmic, mouth watering, edible and scrumptious are NOT the first words that come to mind. Visually appealing probably does not fit the bill either.

How it really looked…


confidence charred chook


Now I hear you saying “Get to the point Di…where does the orgasmic and edible bit fit in???? Not where you might think…..wicked girls!!!

I  have a delightful friend Maureen Shaw whose blog is ‘The Orgasmic Chef’  her by-line says …for food that’s better than sex! Nooooooooooooooooo mine wasn’t!




Now while I like food, I am not in the ‘fabulous chef’ category. I would class myself as an ‘average girl’ in the kitchen. Rather a means to an end than enthusiastically searching for and following a recipe. However place a  scrumptious dish in front of me…then I do class myself as an enthusiastic eater of said fabulous food.

Living alone for 12 years has caused my culinary skills to slip alarmingly. How hard can it be to cook a chook? In reality I have done loads of cooking and in  a previous life I did a lot of cooking and we did a lot of entertaining.  Those days have long gone.

OK so my culinary skills have slipped, but thank heavens I have a healthy sense of humour and even more important so did the ‘man’…the lovely man in my life.  I admit he was very gracious about my burnet offerings.

How did it unfold? Ok unfamiliar oven, ‘he’ turned it on for me. I added the tasty herbs popped it in an oven bag and into the oven it went. So far so good. Like I said how difficult can it be?

I went back to doing what I was doing…and time sort of got away. Ok, ‘fess up time… I was editing photos and became engrossed. When I thought vaguely ‘I had better take a peek’. I opened the oven  door …a puff of smoke…well several puffs of smoke actually…a disintegrated oven bag (crisp describes it well).

And I said ‘goodness gracious me!

The meal happened (definitely not tempted to eat the skin as it had blended well with the paper of the oven bag , we had a great evening, laughed a lot and even took some pics. Looking on the positive side you could say I was looking after his cholesterol levels…we were not tempted to eat the skin.

Shame there is no evidence as it came out of the oven. Or maybe that is a good thing!

Moral of the story… I will stick to ‘cooked chooks’ from the supermarket just like these… I have managed well on them for the last 20 years.


cooked BBq chook


It is probably a fair guess that no one will line up for a dinner invitation with me… however the intent, the conversation and the laughs could make it worth your while! And of course the wine with ice was just perfect.


confident mature women



Whatever you are doing this weekend… throw yourself into it, enjoy it, laugh about it…and even if it does not work as planned…the sun will still come out tomorrow.  Let your confidence shine. Hugs Di xx


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Doing It Differently… Camping With Confidence


Last Friday I popped up a FB post with the words…

How long is it since you stopped, played, put your love glasses on and did something different?

I believe being involved, having a go and being prepared to laugh at myself. It is what keeps me young at heart… now to put that to the test…

How? This weekend…I might just need my love glasses…I am way out of my comfort zone and off camping, yes I mean camping in a tent… It is years since I ‘camped’.

 It is now Sunday afternoon and those who had a quiet snigger at me last week, yes there were a few… contrary to popular opinion, I survived and thrived.

OOhh Ok camping with confidence…and a little Uumm Ok…  a lot of help!


camping, confidence, fun, fidderent.


It is so easy to slip into comfort mode, to stop doing the simple things that once gave you great pleasure. Maybe it is the ‘age’ to start looking back and look at simplicity.

Simply grab your confidence with both hands and do it! Whatever ‘it’ is for you.

In the 80’s my late husband Les and I used to head out to St Bees 17 mile off the coast of Mackay Queensland in our 17 foot half cabin cruiser for weekends of pure peace and relaxation. The island was uninhabited at that time and we were usually the only ones there.


confidence, camping, self esteem, confident women, confidence beyond 50


Time passes, life changes, things happen and those simple things slipped away from me. Then I got to the ‘camping… who, me? I don’t think so’ stage.

Last week the opportunity arose to go camping with a friend in a baby boomers group… so I did.

Now did it all go smoothly? Well in short…there was a little wrinkle along the way. A sense of humour is a wonderful thing!

Now you know when you plan a trip, you make list (well I do) and I did. I asked what I thought were all the pertinent questions in preparation.  It went a little like this…

Di – do you have …(insert each item on my long list) organised?

Friend – answered yes or no and I duly amended my list.

Di – do you have cutlery?

Friend – yes I do and I have all that stuff

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s where I went wrong. I assumed ‘all that stuff’ meant crockery!’

With probably enough supplies and goodies to take us to Mars off we went. Come nibblies time I asked where the plates were… oops! ‘Goodness gracious me’ I declared.


Baby boomers, confidence beyond50, fun.


Now was the time for innovation.. a saucepan lid makes a wonderful serving dish for nibbles. As an added extra it wobbles a bit when you touch it. And.. it doubles up for a cereal bowl so long as you don’t put it down.

Come  dinner time…now it is fine having cutlery…it becomes a challenge when no plate on which to use it.

There were great parts… waking up to quietness, a sense of peace, birds chirping in the bush. Being in a tent, sleeping on a stretcher, eating picnic style…yes I mean simply. A no make-up weekend, wandering in a country town like Pomona, having a coffee…and a wine, great conversation and a lot of laughs.

Now Ok I can’t spill all the beans… just a tid-bit to give you all a smile.

Photographic evidence to prove I was there… and doing my bit! And sleeping in a tent…and well all sorts of things. Of course after the tent went up it was time for a wine.


confidetn women, babyboomers


Of course there was wine, wine glasses and ice. Just like…well just like always.

What better way to end the night then sitting around a campfire so relaxed it was a struggle to stay awake…


confident women, confidence beyond 50.  baby boomers


You could say I had a couple of opportunities for self growth, I was totally relaxed and spent a delightful technology free weekend. I did it very differently for the lifestyle I live today.

I had a touch of the ‘I hope I don’t make a goose of myself’…. then I got out of my own way and simply let it happen. I let go…confidently.   Really I did not expect to go camping again… you never know till you give it a go!

Oohh and would be believe I think I scored well… and will be invited again!


baby boomers, confidencebeyond50


My question to you is how long is it since you stopped, played and did something simple and different?

How do you say ‘No…with confidence in today’s world and switch off to relax? I would to hear how you… let go!

Have a fantastic week whatever you are doing…and to all the baby boomers ‘keep doing it differently’… cheers and hugs Di xx



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Who Would Have Thought The Humble Thong…


Who would have thought I could write a blog post on thongs! You may even be thinking get a life woman!

However here I am and I thought it was time for a little lightness and even a giggle or two.


thongs confidnece style casual


A few facts.

Thongs are recognised as an Aussie staple summer footwear…usually for casual wear… Nooooooooooooooo I don’t mean the briefest of underwear  for both sexes. When I Goggled thongs to see what came up underwear did dominate the page…some if it a little ‘in your face’ so to speak!


Thoings underwear casual shoes confident style



What are thongs?

According to Wikipedia they are also called flip flops (not in my day they weren’t ) They are a type of open toed (now isn’t that stating the bleeding obvious?) sandal consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot.

The name flip-flop resulted from the sound made by the slapping between the sole of the foot and the floor when walking. (also stating the bleeding obvious).


thongs confidence footwear flip flops


 It is not an Aussie invention

(I think we just took it to a whole other level). It originated as  early as the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks. The modern flip flop descends from the Japanese which became popular after WW11 when soldiers returning to the US brought them back. They became popular footwear during the 1960’s – at that time they were recognised as an anti-establishment symbol. Now every man and his dog have them.

And is this where the term Japanese riding boot came from?

OOhh and how they flourished.

And that love affair continues with some varieties even finding their way into formal attire despite criticism. Especially for the girls…


thongs confidence, style, class, casual blingal

Why am I suddenly so interested?

I have recently been to Cairns, tropical North Queensland where it gets a tad warm so I get the informal dressing for comfort. I had considerable time at the airport and I love people watching.

It struck me that travelling has become soo casual that there were a number of ‘generously padded’ mature gentlemen clad in short stubby shorts,  navy Jackie Howe singlets and down trodden, ‘seen better days’ rubber thongs. The shorts were so short I was offering gratitude to the Universe for the invention of underwear…the alternative does not bear thinking about!

On the other hand the ‘girls’ took thongs to another level with colour, style, bling and class!

It got me thinking what are the advantages?

  • Easy to wear – no straps, laces or buckles to manoeuvre
  • Being made of rubber practical to wear around water
  • Inexpensive and practical
  • Cue to relax… the flip flop cues your mind that its play time. Cognitive psychologists from North Western University coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’
  • They come in inexhaustible colours and styles and lots of embellishments like bling!
  • And a must wear after a pedicure to protect your new nail polish
  • For the indoor barefoot folk (yep that’s me) having a pair at your front and back door keeps the feet clean when you pop outside.

Thongs, practical, footwear, casual


Now let’s look at the disadvantages

  • Lack of foot support leads to foot pain
  • You need to take extra foot care to prevent cracked heels
  • OMG on taking another peek at Google I found ‘9 steps – How to Wear Thong Underwear… I won’t go there!
  • Lack of support can cause your feet to spread
  • Slipping when wet and causing damage to your ankle and toes
  • The open toed nature may result in cuts, scratches and stubbed toes

Pain, lack of support, casual, thongs



Whatever your thoughts, I hope you have had a giggle, learnt a fact or two and maybe when you are next people watching my words on the ‘thong’ will make you smile.

You might even take stock of the thongs foot and the other in your wardrobe. Whatever you decide wear them with style, class and confidence.

What does wearing thongs mean to you? Love to hear your thoughts.

Hugs and whatever you wearing enjoy! Di xxx



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Celebrating International Left-Handers Day August 13th… Being A Left Hander, Molly-Duker Or South Paw –


Yes I am one, yes I have suffered, yes I have survived and prospered with my sense of humour intact!

And yes I know I am a day early!

There is no denying it left-handers are out there. However despite being 10% of the population society forgets us, It is a right-handed world  it is right-handed utensils, cooking and cutting implements that are ALL for the right-handed…

On the eve of  International Left-Handers Day. I would like to mention a few little known facts in our favour. We lefties have endured a serious amount of prejudice, you know like a less than positive connotation like molly duker and south paw. Today many left-hander including me are proud of their unusual handedness.


International Left handers day 13th August  and little known facts ane being confident


  1. We hear speeches differently research shows people using their left hands when listening hear rapidly changing sounds and intonations
  2. Left-Handed Neanderthals Were the Minority, Too . How did they know? The wear and tear on your teeth is different to right-handed folk. By locating the wear and tear on those prehistoric chompers it can be determined it they used their left or right hand.
  3. We are more inclined to shine in the creative arts
  4. WE vote for left -handers – a high percentage of recent US President’s were left-handed and it is thought a left-handed politician has an advantage in a televised debate. As a whole we associate the right-handed gestures as ‘good;’ and the left as ‘bad’. On TV it is a mirror image.
  5. Lefties have an advantage in sport that involve two opponents facing each other such as tennis and boxing.
  6. The sight of us using a cutting or carving knife drives right-handed people crazy…. they can’t wait to hop in and help out.
  7. We get embarrassed more easily  and tend to be more inhibited and shy. left-hander’s are more likely to hesitate where right-handers tend to jump right in.
  8. Lefties tend to like a cold drink on a hot day
  9. We have our own day, mark your calendar  August 13th is International left- handers Day. First launched in 1992 the UK-based Left-Hander’s Club to increase awareness about the left-handed lifestyle. According to the group’s Web site, it’s a day “when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.”
  10. Lefties are not going anywhere… will we fade away? Noooooooooooo we have been in the minority and being less common we have the surprise effect. Get used to us!


left hand, wine, celebrate

And lastly Di’s reason… it is not good news for anyone sitting on my left at dinner… I tend to help them with their wine intake by picking up the glass on my left. … I am generous like that.  And this glass must be mine it has ice in it!

How could we celebrate the occasion? Create a ‘leftie zone’ – a special personal space where everything is set up in a left-handed fashion from work to using your knife and fork… and a pair of scissors. What fun that would be!!!!

Deliciously wicked of me I know but I loved it recently my son donated me with a pair of scissors. he had inadvertently bought left-handed ones and could not use them. A taste for the right-handed on how our world unfolds.

And even more wicked…Did you know we are all born left-handed? You turn right-handed when you make your first mistake.

OK I will be good now… a few words…OK more than a few of my left-handed life experiences that…well perhaps I could say they were character building

I felt the breeze before the brunt of the metal edge of the wooden ruler hit as it swished through the air before it came crashing down on my knuckles….as my  5-year-old eyes watered and my hand throbbed …I thought what was my crime? Picking up the pencil in my left hand. I did not even realise it was my left hand because I got confused between my left and right hands. It was simply the hand I used to colour in and draw.

As I sat there tears rolling down my cheeks I wondered why, why, why was it so wrong to pick up a pencil in ‘that’ hand.

Today I ask myself did that set the scene for my  unusual handwriting? I often hear the comment…’ It looks neat but I can’t read it.’

Then I saw this image … and what  a beauty! Written just for me I think.

                                  I don’t have bad hand writing…I have my own font.

  left handers, International left hander Day


Did this happen to anyone else when they started school? Yes, it happened to me and countless thousands of others who started school in the 1950’s. The excitement of going to school waned quickly as my knuckles suffered on a daily basis.

This ‘training’ apparently was for ‘my own good’  Miss Lowe, the googly-eyed, enormous  frightening teacher towering over me BELLOWED. She delighted in pointing out my ‘crime’ to the rest of the class. …That pain extended beyond the classroom. If that was not torment enough, horror of horrors was the maypole dance…Each of us round a pole with a coloured streamer and the idea was steps to the left and steps to the right in sequence…I did not remember the sequence, nor which foot to put forward…gee I wonder why????

You can guess what I am going to say…left, left, right and there I would be with the wrong foot forward going in the wrong direction.  Again I felt the  breeze before the brunt of the metal edge of the wooden ruler  as it swished through the air before it came crashing down across the back of my legs.

Imagine doing that to a child today? I know we really can’t place today’s values on yesterdays actions…but that was a tough gig for a kid.

‘Straighten up your page Dianna’ would be the next bellow to fly across the room. Yes like many left handers…I turn the page at an angle to write. So can you imagine there I sat with the book straight, pencil in my right hand….how did I know which was right? By this time my stinging knuckles helped give me a clue.

To say it was pure hell….is an understatement. To say I did not care would be to tell a porkie of massive proportions! Thank goodness it no longer standard practice…

Next time someone has a ‘point of view’ about your handwriting…you may like to borrow the phrase I don’t have bad hand writing…I have my own font.  And just keep writing…


left handers, International Left hand day 13th August

If you are a left- hander and of a certain age (how is that for delicate)…I would love to hear your experiences of learning to write and coping in a right-handed world.


Warm regards and I really do love my right-handed friends…Di…



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Love, Light, Laughter & Lessons From Our Furry Friends….


Today I am about love, light and laughter. My last couple of posts have been on a serious note…so I decided it was time to lighten up.

What better way than to reflect on the wonderful furry friends that have given me un-conditional love and much light and laughter. They have even taught me a few things. My aim is to give you a giggle, and get you thinking through questions about your life values.



lessons from animals


Animals just know when the signal goes up ‘don’t mess with me’. Jimbo warned and warned TK. They like us don’t always heed it and a scratched nose happened the night this shot was taken.  When in your life have you not heeded a warning and wound up with a ‘scratched nose’ or worse?




Learning to set and maintain our own boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others is a vital life lesson.  Jimbo gave TK fair warning… but no TK had to push the boundaries.  The pup was really up for it again here… what lessons have your learned about boundaries along the way?





No matter what happens in life a huge part of healing and moving forward is forgiveness.  Jimbo forgave TK and scratched his ear. Have you reached that point of forgiveness for the people, events and circumstances in your life? Learning the art of forgiveness and gratitude has made a huge difference and was a major turning point in my life.




Think for a moment about tolerance and what pets put up with from humans… yes even our silliness. Goob took it in his stride on Christmas morning tolerating his reindeer ears, you can almost hear him thinking what next? They tolerate and accept us regardless. Has wisdom and tolerance become part of your daily life?



Sharing the love


Whatever happens, not matter the situation your pet is in there showing the love. OK a lick up the face may not be your way of expressing love but you can feel the pups enthusiasm and boundless energy even in a photo.  Nugget was in for his bit of love and a lick while I was on the floor trying to get my granddaughter to smile for a photo. Are you open about expressing your love to your loved ones?





They know how to de-stress and relax totally. How is that for total relaxation? TK is demonstrating it perfectly! It may not be your chosen pose but you get the message! At the end of the day do you know how to de-stress and unwind? Do you know how to relax and simply be and enjoy?

Life has a way of evening out…

Life lessons


Have you noticed in life just when you thought you were on top of it all and in control… the Universe laughs and laughs.. Suddenly your life gets turned upside down. Buttons used to tease the life out of Socks and just when he was getting cocky Socks would flip him and remind him of his place.

Our lives are littered with opportunities for self growth and we all learn our lessons in different ways. Sometimes we get the message through simple humour.

I hope you have enjoyed my moments of lightness, enjoyed a smile and even reflected on the values that are important in your life!

I would love you to share your thoughts…even share the post of you feel someone you know may benefit.

Whatever you are doing enjoy your weekend …from my heart to your heart…loads of love.  Di







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A New Interest…Did She… Or Didn’t She?

I walked into the room confident on the outside… slightly nervous on the inside. It was darkish, low lighting, a low level buzz just heard above the movie images on a TV screen definitely not from Mary Poppins.

Head bent over a guy lying face down on a table was my grandson Joel … the tattooist.

Joel confident with tattoo

Ok it maybe my age, it may be my conservatism, it may be my fear of pain (yep that’s a strong possibility). A tattoo shop, parlour or whatever the right term is, is not somewhere I have ever been, thought of going…yet there I was.

Why now you ask? Perfectly logical… I have been up in Mackay for a visit for Joel’s  30th birthday, it was time for me to leave and he was working…perfectly natural to pop in and say goodbye.

It was actually not quite like I expected, the two guys being ‘inked’ were sitting/lying quietly while they were being prodded with a needle with ink on it. How could they be so quiet, they were not moving, there was no evidence of pain as in squirming, flinching (like I do when I am having a sun spot cut out), muttering under their breath or heavy breathing.

Joel is a chef by trade so… it amazes me that he would be tattooing part time. He explained it very simply like I was 3 years old… ‘Grannie Di it is like colouring in for big people’. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Admittedly I have never  given much thought of what was involved, choosing what the client wants, drawing the tattoo, doing an outline then colouring it in. Now I am sure there are fancy and ‘professionally correct’ terms for all of this. I looked at it in a new light. Even the phrases used….

Pain for that confidence?

Regardless of the talent, I still don’t get why you would want to permanently mark your skin. What if you change your mind? What if when you are 90 and lying there with wrinkled skin which would then wrinkle your tattoo…well wouldn’t it? Or worse still rock up to the Doc’s and have them lasered or removed by some other procedure I have never heard of (more pain).

Oh dear the array of things that flash though my mind in the space of 1min most of them around the pain involved (did I mention I have a low pain threshold).

Uumm would you be asking me…haven’t you ever done anything a little or a lot outrageous Di? Tame by comparison, my ‘outrageous’ over the years was around with my hair, nails, jewellery and clothes. All of which I could change when I grew out of that phrase. And thank heavens I did and I could.

By the time Joel had talked calmly to his Grannie Di.. he got me sitting in the chair, sucked up to me as only a grandson can do and… and he convinced me that a teensy hidden bit of ink would be fabulous…just what Grannie Di needed…. Did I really want to become a human canvas? Did I or didn’t I?


Did shes or didn't she..confidnece indeed


Darlings you will just have to wait and see…perhaps I will reveal it all later.

In the interim…I would love to hear your thoughts on having a tattoo, removing a tattoo and how you coped with the pain?

Joel confident kisses G Di

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…or call for a chat and tell me about yourself…

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I Am … Well Frustration Covers It Well.

Noooooooooooo not that sort girls… it is when you confidently think I can do ‘this’ (imagine a drop down menu and insert challenge). I often say it is best to have a strategy for handling challenges. If you solve a challenge and another comes along it can throw you completely.


Drop down confidence choices

It has become obvious to me in these six and a half decades that when you overcome one challenge life simply throws you a better class of challenge. The theory being if you have a strategy that can be applied to different situations you are in front.

How easily and glibly that rolls off my tongue!

When you think ‘this’ (select from your drop down menu) can’t be that hard.

When you think I am getting the hang of technology….and it laughed and laughed and laughed!


kokka laughing confidently smalljpg

Yep technology and I have had a love hate relationship for some years now.  It has been my nemesis. In many ways we have made peace. I have ceased having meltdowns and ‘it’ co-operates fairly well.

What was my ‘this’? Setting up webmail on my tablet. Anyone would think I was trying to be off with the crown jewels. Like how hard can it be? Very, very, very apparently!

I didn’t tear my hair out – simply ruffled it a bit. I didn’t have a meltdown – I said goodness gracious me.  I didn’t hide away hoping it would disappear.

Loads of help later, a drive to Brisbane for my son to have a go, two of an hour and a half sessions with Hostgator techie chat and a truckload of frustration all over a few days. Is it solved? Nooooooooooo but I am close. Hopefully tonight will be the night.

The good news is I have kept my sense of humour – well mostly.

The important awareness is that I am learning, I am doing better, I am confident enough to speak to the techie support team. And I can laugh at myself.

I would love to know what your strategy is when you are faced with your nemesis (insert drop down menu).


A better class of challenge with confidence

What is you do to reach out, to help you over the hump?

Warm regards Di


What is important to me? I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If you would like to feel, look and speak with confidence? I invite you to call for a chat and tell me about yourself…

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And I thought I was just having hair cut…


Pamela Anderson — remember her? — did you know that she cut her hair short late last year.

After my last blog post a friend came back to me with a reference to Pamela and short hair… I failed to see any connection… try Goggling he said…so I did!


Don't you just love Mr Goggle


Pamela Anderson —now she is not known for her hair girls… I believe it was her ample curves, her spectacular relationships and  certain ‘infamous tapes’.

She made the decision at 46 years of age ( yes I know, I know I can give her 20 years) to go for a short hair cut .

The article I tapped into was . The photos are from this article.


Pamela Anderson confident long or short hair


She shared how her ‘pixie haircut has helped kick-start her current sex life’. First she felt like a Q-tip which for me translates into a ‘matchstick with the wood scraped off’…it felt weird ‘having sex’ with short hair then she felt powerful.

Uummmm.. is that food for thought?

The next article I slip over to

And I see her in an almost 50’s style go back to basics in a classic white full-skirted dress. To quote ‘the cinched waist is super flattering along with  nude heels and minimal accessories for maximum impact.’

Goodness me almost Audrey Hepburn…oohh Ok… not quite!

Back to the topic…How I  look… now and then


Di long and short confident smiling


Where does that leave me??? Oh yes…I thought I had simply had a haircut…   did it make a difference in my love life…. perhaps this is not the platform for that discussion…. girls you will make me blush!!!

It did get me thinking. It is all about change, I have been de-cluttering, I have been creating space for the new.. and changes are happening…

Am I a Pamela Anderson look alike? In my dreams…

It gets back to who we are.. what makes us happy…what makes us feel good? It is not all about the exterior… what is on the inside is reflected out.

The question is not about the hair… it is about what makes you happy, confident and sensual. What is the switch you can flip to be the fantastic woman you wish to be? Or are you are already…


Hot or not it is all about you


My inner reflections continue daily, I love being the mature woman I am, my self deprecating humour creates openings for other women to respond to me and I enjoy it.

The feedback I receive is heart warming.. words like’ what you have written resonates beautifully for me’, ‘keep inspiring women and helping them to be all they can be, whatever their age’, you have taken resilience and molded it into a positively radiant force that is truly inspirational’, ‘what a wonderful sharing of your ‘emotionally literate’ compilations of thoughts, life lessons and your journey’

A number of women in their 40’s have responded saying ‘I am not 50 yet but what you say resonates with me’... what a privilege to hear those words.

Is it about the hair? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo… … it is about what makes you happy, confident and sensual in your life. For me it is a part of my journey of being open, stepping into a new life and sharing my experiences.

I asked in my last post… do you tip toe, walk or jump into life? It does not matter just do it!


Confidence....Did you tiptoe, step or jump 2


Shall I keep the new hair style? … I think I might after these words… ‘You new hair cut is a head turner for all the right reasons. You look savvy and beautiful in those photos and I think you should keep the new look, you do look amazing!’

Go Pamela Anderson, do it your way… Go Di, do it yours… I have so much life to live…I love the woman I am today… warts and all.


Be you you are fabulous...confidnet and sensual


Life is exquisitely beautiful… we all experience incredible triumphs and challenges, fabulous wins and infamous slips.

I would love to hear what changes you have made in life and how they triggered a response elsewhere?


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…or call for a chat and tell me about yourself…

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