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9 Great Reasons to Keep a List


Ok, I know there are those out there who say ‘I have an amazing memory I never forget‘…then we get the ones who say ‘lists make you lazy’ and then those who say ‘what list!’

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And we all have those days when there are a million things to do, and we don’t know where to start or if it will get done. Overwhelm sets in and it is easy to lose track of loose ends and important things can get forgotten. We may even end up feeling like we are drowning.

For me a list changes how I think and 3 benefits I see are it:

  • Keeps me organised and focused
  • Beats procrastination
  • A memory jogger – it constantly re-programs my mind to be organised

Lists, benefits, organised, confdient

My 9 reasons are:

1. A daily to do list

I find if I write a to do list for my next day I jump in immediately and start doing If I haven’t written a list I will fiddle and think about what it was I was going to do and will get distracted at the drop of a hat. In short having a daily to do list gets shit stuff done. One study showed that fifteen minutes spent planning could save an hour of time actually doing!

To go one step further, once you have a list, try grouping what you have to do. That maximise your time. For example make all calls together, do the important, heavy, ‘don’t want to do’ stuff early and leave the easier jobs for after lunch when you are not quite so energetic.


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2. Bucket list

This is the fun list – try writing the ’50 things I would love to do before I die’… It becomes your time to be playful and think about what you would like to whether it is paint your home, see the pyramids in Egypt, climb My Everest or go on an Alaskan Cruise.

Everyone should have something to look forward to… and what better way when you a have a bucket list to tick off.

 mature women, enjoy, motivated, confident


3. Shopping List

OK back to the mundane now… I can’t have you think you are here to have a good time… my system is have a note pad on the top of the fridge and when something runs out add to the list. The add special items later.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy if you slip out for ONE  thing, come home with SIX minus what you actually went for!

 Shopping list, organised, motivated, confident



4. Going away from home list

If I am going on a short or a long trip I leave a list on the dining room table with what I need to take and what I need to do before I leave. It is so easy for something to slip your mind when you get excited… Ok and sometimes I just forget!


 5. Going to a Dr/Specialist

This was brought home to me during my late husbands 20 years of having every cardiac condition known to man, followed by his terminal cancer. When you are under stress you do not think clearly. I would write my questions in a list… and check off as they were answered. Was that a bit anal? Maybe however remember we were with the Dr for a few minutes… I was looking after him all the rest of the time. I needed to know so I could cope and deal with what might and often did occur.


6 Motivation

happy motivated lists confident


A list becomes a positive reinforcement to yourself. And don’t forget to reward yourself along the way. For me I highlight (rather than cross out) what I have done from a  list, that serves two purposes…one I can see what is left and secondly I can see what  I have achieved.


7 Instructions

Reading an instruction book would not be one of my strong points… however I will write a detailed instruction list for something I am learning especially with technology (and I write it in my language, bet that makes the techo’s cringe).

When I am learning, if I put it into practice immediately I will retain the information. If I am shown and don’t touch it for a month then my trusty instruction list gives me an excellent refresher… and prevents expressing multiple  ‘goodness gracious me’s’.

 instructions motivated confident



9 Collecting great ideas

Keeping a list of great ideas whether they are yours or not is such fun. I am busily doing that with creating images and simple photo editing and I love it. when you see or hear something I jot it down Or there are those moments when ideas just flow to you.. Write them down. the slippery little devils have a habit of disappearing.

ideas motivation list confident



As a point of interest…I Goggled the 5 best lists… they related to books, film and music. When I Goggled  the 5 worst they related to earthquakes, genocides and natural disasters. The take home from there is a list helps keep you positive.

Love to hear about you lists… do share…

Much love and hugs Di whether or not you use a list…


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Drunk On The Moon


Denise Moser


I stumble innocent down the rabbit hole; emerge; transformed and drunk on the light of inspiration.  Article 2014 by Denise Moser

Airports have an effect on my reading radar.  It seems I can’t get on a plane without a book.  Over the years the selection has improved to the point where sometimes they have new releases quicker than other shops.  I’m a sucker for a good synopsis on the back of the book, I usually don’t read or care to read the ‘blurb’, that is, friendly comments.  I want to discover my own thoughts.  The cover can weave a spell on me and sometimes I will flip onto a page to check the style.  So it is that I stumble and fall innocent to the content.



It’s not always the book that I collect at the beginning of what will always be a transformational journey, that disturbs and redistributes me, it can and often is where the reading leads me.  A part of me has learned that every trip results in changes that I could not have foreseen, sometimes momentous and sometimes just a moment. Either way I will, like the river, be different.


a passage to IndiaOne book can open a whole education taking me to exotic places and ways of being to which I may never have access.  Shantaram did that for me, as a Western white woman I could never access the life Gregory David Roberts managed to portray and live.  It was the cover that got me, all gold and pavilion-doored.  It reminded me of E.M. Foster’s Passage to India and Far Pavillions by M.M. Kaye.  I still recall the synopsis of Far Pavillions :  After the death of his parents, young Ashton Pelham-Martyn is brought up as a Hindu in a remote corner of British India. As an adult soldier he returns to India, where his love for a princess and his dual heritage make for an epic story of adventure and romance.”  That’s how I first got drunk on an Indian moon.


   The Far Pavilios M.M. Kaye

I think Gregory Roberts might have supped some Afghani moongold when he wrote this sentence :…
“There were dark, thick clouds massed to the east of us, and the cold air was damp with the rain and snow they would bring, but for the moment we could see all the way to the end of the world, and our wintery eyes were drowning in the beauty of it.”   Oh God!   “ our wintery eyes drowning in the beauty of it.” It makes my eyes take up residence in my heart.

Shantaram 2

I love Shantaram for its breadth, its beauty, its education, and the gorgeously put spiritual truths, no matter that the value system of those that spoke them could not be further from mine.  This pearl: dropped by lord Abdel Khader Khan a mafia boss. “Anything that impedes, inhibits, or prevents this movement toward the Ultimate Complexity is evil.  The wonderful thing about this definition is that it is both objective and universally acceptable.”  The book is full of complexity and incongruence.  So too life.

But I have spent too much time on one book or the subject of India when my most recent purchases are more current; on them I am still intoxicated, inspired and wondering lost in the rabbit hole looking for the next hit.  Robert Louis Stephenson is barely interred beneath the wide and starry sky and already I am loving Frank. *

Under the Wide and Starry Sky Nancy Horan



* Under The Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan tells the story of Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne Stevenson. Also by Nancy Horan Loving Frank. The story of Frank Lloyd-Wright, the architect.






And the moon’s a silver slipper,it’s pouring champagne stars

And I’m blinded by the neon
Don’t try and change my tune
I thought I heard a saxophone
I’m drunk on the moon.

Tom Waites Prague 2008

This article was inspired by a little shop in Newtown Sydney called Drunk on the Moon where every curio is dripping with a story and by Tom Waits song of the same name.

**YouTubeTom Waites Drunk on the Moon


And…Other book links if your curiousity has been piqued.

A Passage to India

The Far Pavilions


Under The Wide and Starry Sky

Loving Frank


Today’s post differs, I am featuring an amazing woman who I am delighted to call a friend…so often amazing women cross my path…some for a season some for a reason. Denise crossed my path for a reason and I bless the day. Funny, talented creative with a capital C, open, sharing, helpful…and tells me like it is in the nicest possible way. Thanks you Denise you have brought help when I needed it, and also much joy and laughter to my life my gratitude is boundless.

Denise at her most playful and magical…

Denise bubbles

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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Whooppee….One Room Down!

Yes I was whoopee-ing with confidence all over the place a  little while ago….

I have finished the clear out and de-clutter in my office! What a difference!

Detours in life...confidently embrace e them...

A de-clutter is rather like a detour from life how it was… it makes a space for discovering things we never knew..and will come to love…it is new and exciting. Embrace detours!

A quick post today… I wanted to share I got soo excited!

I think many of us are facing changes in many ways and in sharing my experiences…it may resonate with you, it may assist you with your change process…or you might just get a giggle…

Go on…give your self a hug and a kiss…just because you can!

Bright...confident colour so long as red rose...

Gone is an incredible amount of ‘stuff’ that is no longer applicable in my life. Years of notes, books, manuals, magazines, courses, old paperwork relating to years ago – why did I keep it?  Even books six grocery bags of books went to the goodwill store! There is space on the bookshelves.

The room seems lighter, brighter, more open…the energy has shifted, old stuff gone!

It also served as a little ‘check up from the neck up’ about what I have achieved and the difference I have made in the lives of many over decades. It has been an emotionally charged trip down memory lane and it has left me feeling de-stabilised and off balance.
I know I am in a space facing enormous change, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know where it will take me…and it is unsettling and scary.

A few days ago I had a melt down, it is difficult for me to describe and articulate. I felt I had created this great space…then suddenly I went into overwhelm…like I had opened a Pandora’s box and I don’t know what will come out.

Confidence Chin up gorgeous don't let it get to you...

Believe me I have faced more challenges than most from the miniscule to the monumental …for the life of me I can’t think what can come out and surprise me anymore. Yet the fear and overwhelm bubbled up.

Today as I complete the clearing and smudge the room…I feel that fear lessening…I feel calm and at peace. My natural spontaneity and confidence are rising up and bubbling over.

Next room for me to tackle is the kitchen – the source of manifestation. Taking everything from every cupboard, throwing out what is broken, has no value in my life today or not used, wiping everything out with orange oil and putting it all back in a different place…

Watch this space 2 she said with confidence

When I first did this I asked ‘Why?’ Cheryl Brazel the Feng Shui and ‘red undy lady’ informed me that when you put things back in a different place it makes you look at things from a different perspective and at different ways you can achieve something.

That did my head in the first time I did it and it took me a whole weekend and I have a small kitchen! … I mean to say you put things in a spot in the kitchen for a reason! OK  ‘tanti’ over! Even if you shift from one side of a shelf to the other…that is still movement.

My other choice is I have decided to do a de-clutter journal,  to follow my process. To observe my emotions, my mindset and to see what actions I took as a result. Great for reflection later…or perhaps for future writing.

Journal confidence and declutter

If you happen to be going through great change right now and de-cluttering or know someone who is… you may enjoy my experience, pick up an idea to try or simply ‘de-clutter vicariously’.. how is that for a positive slant on procrastination.

And remember to embrace your detours whenever they arise.

You may even seek me out to assist you… I invite you to pop over to and take a peek.


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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A Blank Mind…Not Empty…Just Blank!


Now I am on my de-clutter journey BIG TIME!


Declutter images

Create a space they say…the Universe can’t abide a vacuum they say… I have just had 2 amazing phone calls… feeling so energised and grateful!

Today…confidence is writing what my heart thinks…when I can find it. My mind is blank….dry… maybe I shredded it with the paper…so I thought if I simply started thoughts might just flow.

My vulnerability is showing and you know what?  that is OK! I find when you are willing to show your vulnerability it gives others an opening to do the same. They see you as a human with foibles just like them.

Looking back it as about 4 years ago that I had my first major de-clutter – what I remember was a feeling of lightness and space – that’s a fact, I could see it. Accompanying the physical loss was a huge emotional shift and a lot of things changed after that..

Back then I was rushing, hurrying and pushing myself…like it had to be done soon, today, yesterday (yes that is a trait of mine) and I don’t remember a feeling of peace or fulfillment. Just happy and delighted it was done and I wanted it done NOW!

This time although I have done only a small amount, it was significant because I started in the office …I am feeling a sense of peace and fulfillment flowing through me. It is like a gift to myself.

If she was quiet and parts of her wanted to speak… this  happens when  you embrace being quiet and calm..and listen.


child - the wisdom and confidence hidden

Today as I continue to clear out my office, OMG the paperwork that has gone out by the basket load…the recycle bin got a good workout this week and that is just the start… this morning I completed the filing cabinets.

This time I don’t feel the need to rush. This is my life I am dealing with, it is OK to stop and reflect. And reflect I have in the last 2 days I have achieved little in the de-cluttering stakes. Today I was motivated and was in here like a shot about 6am ready to rock and roll.

Yes I am feeling the lightness, I feel the energy shift and I can see the space…yet my mind feels blank. I am finding it a challenge to write and it is about a week since I blogged… today is the day I said to myself!

So here I am…. a blank mind! I posted these words on Facebook a few days ago…. I think they are still relevant. Simply writing… trust in yourself and have faith…


Confidence is writing what my heart thinks

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a workshop facilitated by the awesome Naomi Smith. One of my stand outs for the day was a suggestion that we try replacing ‘success’ with ‘fulfillment’. That sat well with me then.

Today…confidence is writing what my heart thinks… I am back to de-cluttering big time (as started last week). Another basket of paperwork is out of the filing cabinet and into the recycle bin now 3/4 full).

In doing so I went through a folder of ‘beautiful words that others have been expressed to and about me over the past 50 years. OMG that makes me sound ancient… however them’s the facts!

I have ‘judged’ myself over the past 12 years since the death of my husband as a ‘failure’ because there was not a huge ‘financial success’ in my endeavours.

If I pop the word ‘fulfillment’ in there in place of ‘success’…then I made a huge difference in many lives, in many ways as a friend, family, Toastmaster mentor, a Toastmaster at every level through to International, coaching, women who have been through ‘ stuff’, as MC for events local to National, MC for wedding receptions, self published author of ‘Beyond Abuse’ and confidence and sensuality for mature women….

It has been and continues to be an amazing and phenomenal journey for me…does it make me feel fulfilled? Bloody oath it does!

The days clearing out has left me feeling exquisitely exhausted…I have let go of so much today. Reflected, enjoyed, felt loved and released… now it is time for a quiet wine… it has been so hot even a cool bubble bath appeals…

That about says it all… listen and follow your heart.


Listen to your heart

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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Simply put… I Am Clearing It Out!


Full of vim, vigour and confidence I set sail in my office to – day to start a clean out. OK Call it de-clutter is you must!


Watch this space 2 she said with confidence


The question I ask myself and you probably do to is… How on earth did I accumulate so much paperwork (the stuff will happen when I get to other rooms) . Now my office is a small room… and in cleaning out 6 drawers and a 3 tier tray on wheels… I have a washing basket full of paperwork to throw out.

Now before you have a  fit and say why didn’t I shred it…most of it is in my hand writing…anyone who knows me knows my hand writing is a little, well OK quite a lot hard to read. If there is anything that gets me going it is when I print in my best printing and someone says ‘I can’t read it’! Maybe it is because I am a ‘leftie’…Now I am digressing!

Down to business Di!

Change is swirling around me right now as I re-assess my life and a de-clutter has been on the agenda for a while. Yesterday a Facebook friend posted an image (thanks to Jean and Quitting the Quick Fix’s photo) that hit a nerve…here it is!


Decluttering questions for confidently clearing out


Now this makes sense to me… life is about asking better questions and I love these 3.

1. Does it add value to my life?

  • Do I love it/need it/use it regularly?

I have accumulated a lifetime of  various bits of paperwork, 36 years of Toastmasters paperwork, 20 years of self development notes and a million other bits of pretty paper that appealed to me at the time.

When I asked myself did I love it – then yes, and I have kept some based on that question.

Did I need it? – That made me squirm ( I am still a bit… OK a lot of a hoarder)

Did I use it regularly? …. You have to be kidding…some of it has not seen the light of day for years! So out they went apart from historical documents.

2. Is it worth the effort?

  • Is it worth the time to clean or the space it takes up?
  • Is it a project I am going to realistically going to complete?

Is it worth the clean up and space? Noooooooo, but gosh its hard to let some of it go.

One question I have not asked myself when in the clutches of a de-clutter in the past was – Is it a project I am going to realistically going to complete? That sorts lots out and makes it easier!

3. Is it in the right place?

  • If I needed it where would I look for it?

Very good question. I excel at the “I will put it in a safe place so I know where to find it’ statement. The jury is out on that one…I will just have to wait and see how I go over the next month when I am looking for something.

For now I feel lighter, I feel good and I have really only just started. I will be continuing after blogging…this is simply breather time for me. More parts of the office clean tonight. It is all not going to happen overnight!


How it looks now!


confidently clearing lots of stuff


About 4 years ago I had a major de-clutter…it went well until I got down to the flat and into my craft goodies. Did I mention there was lots and lots of it?  Did I mention the cupboards were bursting at the seams?

After several brave attempts of going downstairs…each time saying bravely ‘today is the day’…I would open the cupboards look at it and think Noooooooooooooooo and quickly shut the doors.

That meant an outside influence was needed… I called a girlfriend who is brutal… absolutely a black and white woman.  Be careful what you ask for…sometimes it happens!

After collecting 4 boxes – one for what I wanted to keep, one for things to donate to charity,  one for a garage sale and  the final one for the rubbish bin.

In her most intimidating voice she  said ‘Right Di we are going take one thing at a time out of the cupboard and you will make a decision.’ Sounds easy right? Nooooooooooo it wasn’t!

My weak protestations about ‘let’s leave it on the table and I will decide on it later’ were met with a look that had me decide on the spot.

And what a success…it worked a treat…


in my head thats how it looked 2 all confident...


Even though I was mentally casting doubt on her parentage during the day! How fabulous it was when done… we even painted the inside of the cupboards, slipped out and purchased numerous big tubs and sorted and named it all. Those cupboards are still tidy! And yes they will be reduced  again considerably in this de-clutter.

Moral of the story?

  • De-clutter your mental state to overcome the dread of making a start.
  • Choose one room – avoid jumping from room to room
  • Do it methodically – for me it is the 3 question plan
  • Finish a section and clean up – there is nothing worse then coming back tomorrow and seeing a mess. Perception is important, if you can see what you have achieved that helps with your positive mental state.
  • Reward yourself with a treat.


note to self on decluttering


Tonight. for is time for a treat! Always, always reward yourself girls!

What do you do to de-clutter…love to hear your thoughts…


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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