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Denim And Lace… And A Little Bit Of Bling!


Denim and Lace…

A trip down memory lane today girls…Who remembers the Marty Rhone’s song ‘Denim and Lace’…taking you right back to the TV show Countdown in 1975 – you can even take a  peek at the YouTube clip –

Denim and lace

Music and lyrics tap into our emotions, memories and experiences… it flips you back in a heartbeat to another time. For me images of the time, place and people come flooding back. 

And OK, what has ‘bling’ got to do with this you may ask? I saw a great image recently ‘jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles’… to my way of thinking a better choice than cosmetic surgery! 

Jewellery, bling, confidence, denim and lace

OK, OK back to business… there is a reason behind my reminiscing.  I have been thinking about qualities, skills and attributes in developing an avatar. It got me thinking about confidence, resilience and sensuality for the mature woman in a different way.

An analogy I analogy is what I need! What popped into my head was denim and lace.

The words go…

  • Denim and Lace
  • You look good any place.
  • Dressed in denim and lace…  
  • Then throw in a bit of bling and wow!

Women 50+ are an amazing group who are embracing life. No where near matronly women are flaunting their bodacious style, spirit, sensuality and confidence.  Being seen, heard and never be invisible. In fact be irresistible.

Why did I choose the denim and jeans analogy?

They represent the ying and yang…polar opposites yet they compliment each other perfectly.

Jeans represent the masculine, toughness, the ‘get down and get dirty’ of life. Denim is tough, flexible, resilient and it has strength…you can’t see through it …when I am stuck in this energy I am head down butt up and miss so much. On the upside… today they are a fashion statement whether you are ‘wearing them a little tighter’ this year or not as Dolly pardon would say.

 Lace at the other end of the spectrum.. is feminine, delicate, soft yet resilient and has a hidden strength. You can see through it and it creates a sense of mystery of a promise not yet revealed. When in my feminine energy I am more open, light-hearted allow my sensuality to show and flow.. It adds an air of mystery and intrigue…just like life.


denim, lace, bling, confidence, confidentbeyond50

 5½ life lessons to share.

These thoughts formed a basis for my presentation this week.

  1. It is possible to find peace and calm in the midst of chaos , like being in the eye of a cyclone
  2. No matter what the sun will still rise tomorrow. Things happen and remembering the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ helps.
  3.  Being ‘authentically me’ is not only enough it is fabulous
  4. Have a plan yet be flexible. Learn to roll with the punches
  5. Having a healthy sense of humour is pure gold.And the ½…don’t forget your bling!  My bling happens to be confidence…it gives me my sparkle.

What is Confidence? It is that extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want some of that’


Confidence and self esteem


What is your analogy for life…and how do you put it into practice? I would love you to share your thoughts.

From my heart to your heart… Di


A few words from me…

I am passionate about mature women finding their voice through having confidence and personal presentation skills to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

  • With one on one coaching
  • Small group workshops ‘Speaker’s First Connecting’
  • As a guest speaker or MC

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Who tells you what to wear and what to say… and does that serve your confidence in presenting the best of you?


Where does confidence fit into you deciding what you wear?

A quick question… who do you dress for? You, your partner, your friends or society?

Who are the ‘experts’ and ‘fashion gurus’ who tell us what we should wear according to our age?

When we look and feel great then that is what will be portrayed to the world through  our dress, speech and presentation.

Noooooooooooooo they said I am on the wrong side of 60!


Confidence self esteem  confident women


Apparently being the wrong side of 60 I am way, way past it! I am officially too old for strappy tops, straight skirts, knee high boots, stilettos and cleavage. That is the short list of no no’s!

Would you believe sequins are OK until I am 90 as are leather biker jackets! Oohh and covering my arms is just right. Lucky me!!!!

So to summarise so long as I cover up, wear a sequin covered leather jacket (covering my arms of course and fully zipped so there is no hint of cleavage) a non fitting skirt and flat shoes I will be just right!

Says who? The words ‘I don’t think so’ are bursting from me as I write

Who is pontificating about what we should wear?

So who is it who can pontificate about what a woman can and cannot wear? The same ones who tell us we will wear red this summer and blue the next? If you like green well that’s just tough.

Isn’t it time we each based what we wear on what feels and looks right for us… what I mean is you make your decision about what is right for you and I make my decision about what is right for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying ‘don’t take note’ or ‘don’t have a make- over or a refresh’ of styles (I have just done that myself, I enjoyed it immensely and I am pleased with the result). I am saying avoid being a slave to what someone else tells you about what to wear.

My thoughts are your neck, knees, back of the hands and elbows will give you away every time. So sure take extra care and camouflage (i.e. make the best of) and wear styles that flatter your figure and colouring.

I do not intend to wear opaque tights through summer (one option on offer) or to repeat myself wear ‘the sequin covered leather jacket (covering my arms of course and fully zipped so there is no hint of cleavage) a non fitting skirt and flat shoes’.


style women fashion confidence


Those knee high boots they say will make me look like a Madam! And we couldn’t have that …could we? Are strappy tops, cleavage and bare arms to much for society to bear? The straight skirts and stilettos apparently make me look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.  It is OK to wear sequins except for ‘sparkle’ on my eyes…that is aging I am told.

Mr Google tells me I am also too old for skinny jeans, body piercing (now we covered that earlier this year and the debate continues whether I  did or I didn’t), long hair and red lipstick (try telling Coco Chanel that…and yes I know she is in the heavenly fields, however she was one lady who decided what suited her, she stuck to it and it included red lipstick.

Maybe I am a tad rebellious but I prefer to dress for me. Another novel thought I have is that common sense and a mirror play a great role in how I look before deciding to buy or when I am leaving home.  Let’s look at some options.

What to do?

Be your authentic self.

It comes down to your confidence in knowing your style, what suits you and what doesn’t. Then using your confidence to wear what you wear with class and style.  To quote Coco Chanel “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Dressing Your Mind

Confidence beyond 50 mature women confidence


It always surprises me when someone goes to the effort of looking amazing physically but they forgot to dress their mind along with their bodies. How can you do that?

  • Take a mental shower when you take your physical one
  • Choose to adopt a positive attitude
  • Do your practices, the one’s that work for you – exercise, journaling, EFT (tapping), affirmations, visualisations, meditation, a 5min Daily Confidence Workout (contact me for details) . Whatever it is that helps you get into a wonderful state of mind.

Dressing Your Body

Whatever you choose to  wear will look amazing. Personal Presentation  is  not about radical change. It is about simple steps enhancing the best of you  in personal presentation and in successfully promoting you and your business.

 What to Avoid.

Confidence self esteem mature women, womenover50,


  • Media bombardment – We are constantly bombarded by images of the perfect
  • woman with the perfect skin looking perfectly younger. Models and actors are continually being passed over and considered too ‘old for roles’. Some have figures the average woman would die for – yet we continue to listen and to beat ourselves up over not looking younger, slimmer and more beautiful in today’s world.
  • Taking on those unrealistic expectations. At some level we do listen… all that scrutiny takes its toll. We can look in the mirror and think we look pretty good for our age… yet a niggle flips the switch and we see and exaggerate our perceived faults. Is that because you are judging yourself?
  • Those friends and family who hint or are glaringly outspoken that  you may be less than lovely.

It is rather obvious… when you see a mature person who has had work done. They look like a mature person who has had work done. When you see coloured hair it looks coloured, when you see a 70 year old in a 20 year olds outfit…they look like a 70 year old in a 20 year olds outfit…

It is not about eternal youth… it is about aging gracefully. Wrinkles, gray hair and saggy bits are part of life. Work with and embrace who you are, dress accordingly.

We can’t turn back the clock, we can learn to accept ourselves, to embrace the amazing women we have become and make peace with our body. The inner and the outer one.

Develop that quiet confidence in who you are, decide what looks great on you and wearing it fabulously.

Coco sums it up with… “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

What do I think confidence is?

It is that extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want some of that’

What do I do?

I am a Confidence and Presentation Skills Coach. Currently I am running a workshop ‘Speakers First’. I find many women have the skill, know their industry but lack the ability to speak and present themselves with confidence.

Take a moment and ask yourself? Do I feel, look, dress and speak with confidence?

If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business.


confidence workshop public speaking


Let me help you rediscover your voice… at

I would love you to share what influences you in dress and presentation…

From my heart to your heart hugs Di




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5 Ideas From Coco Chanel’s Spin On Femininity

Coco Chanel, femininity, confidence

Even mentioning the word feminist can raise hackles…  are we talking about equality in  the workplace, reproductive rights and what is empowering to women. Or is it the ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ angle?  Young feminists rage about old feminist who sniff that if it hadn’t been for their bra burning generation feminism would not exist.

I think the fire will rage eternally…as I said it can raise hackles depending on which side of the fence you sit on. And perhaps what age you are.

So we have the meek, gentle, submissive, pure quiet and sacrificial woman on one side(eekk do you know anyone like that?) Or the more mainstream career orientated, taking care of themselves, having a shoe and jewellery fetish who love cocktails on the other. Ok that was a rather ‘other extreme’ approach… extreme is what the word feminism seems to evoke.

I got to thinking about who I considered an early feminist. I came up with Coco Chanel… she did not call it femininity of course… and what an amazing woman she was. Because of her early life she was a master at creating mystery about herself.

Coco Chanel feminine confident


She lived from 1883 to 1971, so for 100 years Coco Chanel has been synonymous with style. She did it with flair and personal power.  What a feat for that time in history. Throw open your wardrobe and there you will find the spirit of Chanel.

Coco has been referred to as ‘the most elegant woman who ever lived’. She was scampish, lithe and agile. Also fiercely independent with an iron will and an amazing level of self belief.



She discovered at an early stage what became her and she never lost faith in it her way. She knew what suited her and designed around her own body. Over time she merely elaborated  upon what she preferred.

If you have a collection of jackets for tossing over jeans, knee grazing pencil of A line skirts, jersey, navy and cream. Any black dress is a descendant of her little black dress from 1926 short silk model. And deep pockets, twin sets, dropped waists, belted cardigans, short dresses for evening wear and the need to accessorise at all times. Then her influence is there…

Considering for a moment that Coco Chanel was simply unable to be meek and gentle or caring in that feminist way. To think of her using femininity in the hopes of luring a man into taking care of her in exchange for her independence was impossible when she had been dumped by her father at an orphanage at the age of 12. Her mother had taken that track and where did it get her? Dead at 32 of an incurable disease.  She knew it was folly to put her survival in the hands of anyone else.

So she was not into the time honoured feminine tradition of ‘sucking up to men’ however she had a handy toolkit of useful wiles. To her, her beauty, charm, wit and ability to pander were used in the service of getting what she wanted, not because it was a feminine duty.

Neither was she one for girlfriends… so no popping over with a wine to girlfriends for a gabfest was out of the question.

As she put such a great ‘spin’ on her life… I thought I would look at her ‘spin on femininity’… via ‘The Gospel According to Coco Chanel’ by Karen Karbo

Keep it to yourself

Maintaining a sense of mystery is an outdated aspect of femininity which could do with revival. Coco said One shouldn’t speak of oneself, or almost never. People should guess. How can they do if your Facebook page reads like a personal diary.

Indulge your irrationality

In French culture femininity means an abiding desire to ‘have men in the picture’ and knowing how to relate to them in a low maintenance way. It was said that Chanel had the most sense of any woman in Europe. Part of that  good sense meant occasionally behaving as if she had lost her mind in the interests of reassuring the men in her life that she was irrational in a reliably feminine way. She thought in the interest of getting along, it makes it much easier on everyone when ‘men behave as men are expected to behave and women pretend to behave as women are expected to behave’.

Worship at the alter of your own intuition

Coco’s confidence in her unerring intuition is especially noted in her jewellery. She not only feminised menswear…she came to a point of realising that plain sweaters and simple dresses were perfect showcases for swags of costume jewellery. Needing to make a statement when the fashionable ladies of her time were Charlestoning under pounds of fine jewellery. Coco stated ‘costume jewellery is devoid of arrogance in an ear of overly easy luxury’. She was also known to incorporate real jewels from past lovers gifts with costume jewellery to add to her mystique.

Pearls will set you free.


pearls feminism and confidence

Pearls are a  girls ‘good friend not her ‘best friend’ and a woman can say or do whatever she wants so long as she is wearing pearls. Coco used them extensively and effectively.

The tricky bit is how long? Her rule of thumb was the shorter the necklace, the greater the likelihood you will look like a storybook Grandma. Then if worn too long you could be mistaken for a flapper off to a costume party.

The best way said Coco is to show your disrespect for their original form and purpose. Take a few strands and sling them around your neck haphazardly. Wrap a necklace around your wrists. Or do what Coco did tucked long strands  in her belt.

Blame all your unhappiness on love

She had many influential lovers… Where else would a penniless girl turn for help?  To benefactors and lovers… All were impressed with her wit and razor sharp mind, her passion,  talent and her ability to make a business work. .

Yes they set her up in business…, and yes she paid them back… she was determined to be independent and she threw herself into her work. And they all married into their own wealthy class. I think she was a master at reframing… saying ‘marriage is like mountain climbing, not for everyone’. She enjoyed being loved by men.

Count Your blessings… It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. Coco railed against her failed love life because it had not included a husband and children. Would it have suited her I ask?

Lastly one of the advantages of not having all your dreams come true is that there remains something out there just beyond reach on which you can blame all your misery.

Where do you sit on femininity? Love to hear your views.


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Why Women 50+ Are The New Black


There has never been a better time to be 50+…a time to confidently embrace and enhance the style, spirit and succulence of aging. From talking to mature girls it is like it’s time, time for us…. we have raised our families, done our bit for the community, been or still doing the wife scenario (and make no mistake I loved being in my 31 year marriage).

Confident Colourful mature women collage

With that considerable life experience behind them Coco Chanel’s quote comes to mind – ‘You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life’.

Coco confident gorgeous at 30 charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life

Women 50+

They are a force to be reckoned with… What is it about mature women that sets them apart? It was interesting when I Googled it, it went all religious or to dating sites.

Uumm I thought let’s try a reframe Di…let’s try ‘older gals that rock’ that brought up a Pinterest board which reminded me you might like t try Marvelous Mature Women

What did I see? Lots of colour, lots of confidence, lots of women being who they are…

And, we are so much more…watch us roar!  We are definitely no where near as matronly as our Mums and Grandmothers were at 50. I see and hear of mature women flaunting a bodacious style and spirit. They allow their confidence and sensuality to surface…and those I meet are enjoying life to the fullest.

Myself, my Mum and my Grandmother at 50+

3 generations of women at at 50+

Are the new, are the new, are the new….

We see the phrase in every aspect in life, in adverts, on TV in papers and magazines. I think we are the ‘new breed’ because we have lived through stages of massive societal changes in relationships, family, the workforce and community and have emerged as exquisitely amazing women.

Amid the euphoria of aging graciously, as we meet life’s challenges we may find ourselves feeling vulnerable. And that is OK, allowing that vulnerability to show (we don’t need to prove ourselves) makes us softer, wiser and more authentic. As a woman matures, she does not lose her beauty she simply transfers it from her face to her heart.

Black? The new Black?

Why are women 50+  the new black? I am likening it to the LBD ( little black dress). Now don’t get all antsy with me and say we are not all size 8…and the traditional LBD does my suit me.

I am suggesting you take a different point of view. You have not got to this age without knowing your positives, your assets and what you look great in. What is your representation of the LBD? It will be different for everyone.

Whatever it is, use that as your basis… and build on it. Fly into maturity thinking, feeling and looking fabulous.

strat witht eh basics confidently add your styledd

Again I referred to Mr Google. He tells me the ‘new black’ is ‘colour’.  Your current LBD may be colourful… whatever it is let it represent you as you fly into your mature years. Embrace all of your sense…give your sensuality full reign. You can do it!

I would love to hear your thoughts… are we the new black?

I am a modern thinking woman, much more than 50+ who has lived, loved, lost and developed…. and I realise my gift is my ability to simply and graciously help women 50+ when they say… ‘its time… its time for me….to guide them as they enhance their confidence, spirit and sensuality in their world.

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The Weight Loss Industry And Expectations From Media.. Do They Impact On Women 50+ In The Dating Scene …


Yes.. I think they do, especially the confidence of women who are freshly ‘out there’…. but first a story!

Bringing in big bucks as an ambassador for weight loss actress and comedian Magda Szubanski was paid $850,000 for losing 26 kilos in 2009.

That girls…is $32.692 per kg…… yes $32,992 per kg lost...This is totally unrealistic , out of the realms of imagination to the woman 50+ in the street who receive no such incentive.  I think.. oopps know that I could get very motivated for that amount of money.  Would that make you broken hearted, delighted or bring out the devil in you?


$32,992 lost with confidence


The Australian Women’s Weekly reported the details of Magda’s lucrative deal with Jenny Craig.

Now after regaining the weight  a second contract reportedly worth $1.25 million is up for grabs. On Triple M Sydney Magda broke her silence ‘blaming’ her weight re-gain as .calorie amnesia’. What message is this sending to women?

How wonderful is ‘calorie amnesia’ as a re-frame of language???? I searched for a description and found Magda’s….“where you sort of just forget how much you’ve actually eaten”.

Re-entering the dating scene mature women often feel insecure, vulnerable and alone. It is scary putting yourself ‘out there’ again. Women are very good at spotting and magnifying their faults especially when it comes to weight. The media and weight loss programs prey on women’s insecurities promising they will find that elusive perfect figure if you follow their plan.


confident about uinconfident magnifying our faults


Yes, Women 50+ are a savvy feisty, and  informed group of women interested and willing to pay to improve their body, their image and their self development. Women at 60+ are The media play on this and continue to promote and publish photos and articles on the gorgeous and the slim and seeking eternal youth. The images we see are touched up, these celebrities are paid big bucks and they are supported with personal trainer’s and food preparation assistants.

How realistic is this to the everyday woman 50+ in suburbia who leads a full life juggling her commitments. She is swamped. with the latest Weight loss program and beautiful slim women. We all seek to look our best especially when related to dating.  She wonders if she will still be desirable?


I see 50 fiesty 60 sassy both are confident


‘Now, now. do it now….join up today and get a free assessment’ the ad screams (how does  compare with $32.692 per kg paid to Magda). They are working on the theory of scarcity, the weight loss program want you to book and pay NOW.  Add to that the theory of comparison… then you will look as a good as the celebrity, the result is women line up begging to pay.


Women lined up confident paying will help


The dating scene is a daunting place to enter. The three most common mistakes I see women make are she thinks she is undesirable, it may be 30 years since she dated and everything she sees and hears promotes being youthful and slim. That  can be overwhelming if she is finding her feet in the new dating world. She thinks her vulnerability is a weakness , yet when she allows it to show she comes across  as softer, wiser and more authentic. And she thinks she is alone when in reality there is a plethora of help out there waiting.

Developing the confidence to  feel great about yourself and present to the best of your ability is an amazing skill. One that can be developed

The weight loss industry and expectations from media does impact on women 50+ in the dating scene …

As an aside… of even more concern I saw a link this morning then lost it. It was from the Huffington Post  about a Ukrainian girl  Valerie Lukyanova who has set herself as a human barbie doll with a micro tiny  50cms. and huge breasts living on air and her brand of spirituality. What example is that setting your our young women of today who will be 50… sooner they think!  Unrealistic does not even come close.

My take girls is to be happy with you and what you are… DO NOT believe all you read in the media about the bold and the beautiful out there. Photo enhancing is most likely at work.

Your confidence is much greater when you feel great, especially when re-entering the dating scene. Be you, be happy and get out there…  taking precautions it can and is a load of fun.

AS the saying goes ‘God must have loved ordinary people there are lots of them’… women 50 + there are plenty of us also..

A note to self…Your weight will fluctuate during different times in your life. What is considered in our culture to be slim is different to others.  What is important is to realise that we are amazing. Our physical appearance and yes that includes weight is a reflection of our inner selves.  My suggestion…be happy, be healthy and keep your sense of humour.


Certainly I urge you to take care of yourself and present yourself in your best possible light. However being realistic, no.. we don’t have the bodies of 20 year olds. WE have something much more important… the wisdom and depth that goes way beyond the superficial to the grace and understanding of maturity.

As Coco Chanel so eloquently expresses it…


Coco full of confidence...gorgeous at 30 charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life


Have you had a struggle with weight?

How have the media influenced you and your body image?

I would love you to share your ideas and your story’s.


Di Riddell has  30 years of experiential and professional experience in the field of confidence in communication and is passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices. Her skill lies in developing their style… incorporating their mind and body… so they can shine and be their best… in dating and in life.

To learn more tips and techniques about her personal coaching on staying safe and increase your self confidence in the today’s world of internet dating visit

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Comfort Zone…What Comfort Zone?





what does it take to step out of your comfort zone - confidence, resilience grunt


Stepping out of your comfort zone… Does it take confidence? Does it take resilience? Or does it take ‘grunt?’


My take on Confidence is that it is the extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want some of that’

Resilience I see as an act of bounce and balance, poise and change

Grunt…well, that is just getting in there… boots and all!


Life today is fast paced and it is ever changing.  We are an amazing generation of women.  We have lived, loved and lost… and know there is more to come. We are ready for what’s next! Bring it on!

Along the way we have had glorious adventures… survived and thrived fabulous failures (or to re-frame… experienced a few opportunities for self growth). I know I have.

How I love to see mature women flaunt ( Ok demonstrate for the more reserved)  their bodacious style and spirit. Today’s women are riding the rollercoaster of life with humour, information and wisdom. That girls adds up to irresistible!


To quote Coco Chanel…

      You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life’


Ok…that is all fine and some of us limp, jump or fly. We are all different and we can and are gorgeous, charming and irresistible in our own way.

This begs my question for you today….’What have you done recently to step out of your comfort zone?

Did you tip toe, take a bold step or a wild jump?


Confidence....Did you tiptoe, step or jump 2


It does not matter which you chose…just so long as you continue to be the amazing woman you can be…to keep challenging yourself…to stay vibrant and full of life.

Just to show I am in there with you … what have I done recently?

The power of 3 appeals to me, and I use it frequently when I am speaking, presenting and in many areas of life. That seemed a good place to start with my 3 things!


Here goes…recently I have embarked on:

  • Changing my hairstyle ( that was a biggie for me)
  • Losing 6kgs
  • And oohh so, so exciting ( well for me anyway) I learned a little technology gem…


Di confident with her new hairstyle


Changing my hairstyle…. those who know me know my hair is very think, very strong and sits right where you put it!!! A cyclone would be hard pressed to make a difference. And no matter what I could never be swayed, encouraged, bullied, sucked up to… or any other descriptive word you could think of to expose my ears… ‘never, never, never’ has been my lifelong catch cry!

The never became yes, yes, yes…here I am shorter than ever and ears totally exposed. And would you believe it… the sun still came up the next day!


Confidnet in losing 3 kgs


Then those 6kgs I gained over the past half a year – I did something else unbelievable (for me)…I started going to the gym – gently of course… TWKM (those who know me…) know that exercise and Di are not two words you would usually use in the same sentence.

However there I am and what’s more I have even given up high G.I. carbs for 6 weeks. And I don’t mind telling you I would kill for a piece of toast and a potato chip!

Is it worth it? – I have lost 3 of those 6 kgs… please note the evidence…and please agree with me regardless of what you think…



Family slide confident using technology


And then my technology tip…now to you this may seem a baby step… to me it is a triumph!

I have been trying to take a power point slide of Les myself and our children to use as a picture for ages. I have spent many hours saying ‘;goodness gracious me’ when it did not work and smiling… well sort of!

Today acting on the advice of a friend I did something stupendous…I Goggled it! And what’s more I got an answer I could work with…above is my result. I created this image when doing a pictorial history for my son’s 40th birthday a couple of year ago. In vain I have tried to use that slide elsewhere.

Mr Goggle helped me do it!  Having traveled a trying, excruciating love/hate relationship with technology over the past 12 years we have not reached a truce…he lets me win sometimes in return for me getting excited! I did and I am!


Girls I urge you to use your confidence, resilience, grunt and charm to do what you want. I encourage you to flaunt your bodacious style and spirit with humour and wisdom. That adds up to irresistible!

I can’t wait to hear how you have stepped out of your comfort zone… you know what great connectors and supporters we are for each other… do share, live, love and laugh.


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

Do you feel, look and speak with confidence? If not…my skill lies in developing your style… your mind and body… so you can shine and be your best… in your business..

If that is not happening for you…call for a chat and tell me about yourself…

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Red, Red and more…Red!


Did you know that red is the colour of confidence and sex appeal, strength and energy, Then just imagine what a touch of red lipstick and undies can do!

Are you feeling a little down and wrung out at the moment? Are life’s challenges getting to you? Put on your big girl panties (red), pop on a red dress (the one that make you feel fabulous), add a touch or red lipstick (the finishing touch) and say…’bring it on Universe!’

Confidence Chin up gorgeous don't let it get to you...

Maybe now is the time to invite something new into your life? Try wearing red undies…. What did you say Di,  red undies? In case you had not noticed … they are what you put on first when you get dressed in the morning.

Only you makes that choice, what colour, what style. Chris Brazel an amazing colour and Feng Shui expert says ‘ The undies cover the sacral chakra and the sacral chakra is the chakra of choice. The hips propel you forward and the legs take you to where you are walking to for the future.

So…..When you select your undies, the style, the colour each day you are making a choice about what it is that you to invite into your life. Is it love, a new career, improving your finances or even your health.
Each day you have the ability to make a choice about what it is that you want to invite into your life. Is red your choice?

And there is more….’Red stimulates the adrenal glands giving us the ability to survive. If you are run down or extremely tired, red food can be stimulating, energising and build up the immune system.’  Anjel Bryant, Colour Consultant


Any colour so long as it is red...


Of course that is not everything…when done with the physical …watch your words…your mind and body are listening… ensure that when you talk to yourself…go on I know you do!  I can hear you giggling! You know those voices in your head that go chatter, chatter, chatter…. ensure you are saying loving, supportive and encouraging words. In other words speak to you…just as you would to a beautiful friend.

It is said that when a woman wears red lipstick she is making a statement that she feels good about herself…and when that happens she separates herself from other women saying ‘I am here’

You look more attractive, you appear more confident, that red lipstick may entice you to behave more confidently and you are naturally more engaging and vibrant.

For centuries women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal…way back to the Egyptians and Cleopatra…her red lipstick was made from crushed beetles…ours is a little more refined today and probably tastes better.

I think wearing red lipstick/undies/clothes suggest a woman has an edge, it makes you feel strong and confident.. red is making a bold statement.

It does not suit me you say?  There are many shades of red…try experimenting till you find one that suits your colouring… for dark hair and light skin try a blue base, if blonde opt for an orange base and if you are mature…try a red with a  pink base…

After all Nicole Kidman wears an orange based red and Angelina Jolie wears a blue based red….Two very different women…two very different appeals!  Bet they wear red underwear also!!!!

For now…whatever your hurt…remember this too shall pass! Whatever your heart is saying right now. Love it regardless…whether it has arrows shooting through it, it feels all curly and twisted or its being a devil…

Confidently ask...What is your heart saying

Tears may be part of your process at this time, welcome them warmly, embrace them… they are cleansing your soul…

weeping - can you do that with cionfidence

In fact tears are how our heart speaks when our lips cannot describe how much we have been hurt…if that is you…or someone you know there to support you or them.

Do remember the sexiest curve on a woman’s  body is her smile…flaunt yours…and decorate it with red lipstick!

Any colour so long as red rose...

Have you got your big girl red panties on? Slipped into your little red dress (your take on the LBD maybe red),  and added a generous touch of red lipstick said ‘bring it on Universe’. If not you might like to give it a go.

I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and festive season…


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?


I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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It’s Not All About The Horses…She Said With Confidence!


Hello readers I have been flitting around lately and here I am back and feeling frivolous  today. And a tiny bit wicked…I do say the little horns you see are simply there to keep my halo straight!

Its not all about the horses ...she said with confidence

Indeed the Melbourne Cup is not all about the horses and I can say with confidence I learned something very useful on Tuesday… Uummm perhaps this is where I go ‘fess up No 1 ‘what I know about horses would fit on the back of a postage stamp’.

For overseas readers The Melbourne Cup is an Australian horse race that stops the nation on the 1st Tuesday of November. And where there are great horse races… there are great fashions, fun, a drink or two and even the odd bet.

Any race Day I have attended over my lifetime has been about the social aspect…and Tuesday was no exception.

‘Fess up No 2 – I love shoes……and here was my point of learning. I looked across the lawn and saw a fabulous pair of strappy, bling enhanced stilettos. I was positively salivating when I noticed the heels…or the base of them.  I first thought it was part of the bling….but noooooooooooooo on closer inspection it was a little device strategically placed so as to prevent the heels from sinking into grass.

Annette's shoes - with confidence

Five little segments of gel filled clear pieces form a circle and you simply slip it on your heels. How ingenious. Now I thought they were a new invention … however I visited my 80-year-old brother yesterday and he tells me he saw them on TV ages ago ….”Fess up No 3…I hardly ever watch TV. No wonder my education was sadly lacking.  Maybe you didn’t see it either so I am sharing anyway.

Now how good is that? Come on girls I would be willing to bet that every woman has stood on her toes and cursed over the years as her precious new heels sunk into wet soft grass. There was a time when I could stand, walk and dance in heels no matter what height. Today I am a tad more subdued but I can still admire from afar.

What so you do when you are confronted by something so special? Simply go and ask if you can take a closer look, give a sincere compliment and ask if you can take a photo.

My new man Vince was taking photos…he balked when I asked if he would take the photo…can’t imagine why Hehehehe! So over I went, introduced myself and the lady in question Annette was delighted to comply. How are these for gorgeous?

And then of course… have to have a photo of the feet’s owner…thanks Annette you were terrific!

Di and Annette Reid Mclean border

So where was I? At a Garden Party for Cup Day complete with fashion parade and yes, I was MC. The beneficiary of the day was our local Agricultural Show Society and supporting the girls who are entering Miss Showgirl. It is a delight to know that in this day and age country shows still run and are supported by their local community.

The amazing talented organiser Helen and I

Di and Helen Bird

Having a mixture of youth and maturity in attendance, then the clothes covered youth from ‘Delerium Fashions’ and maturity ‘Just Divine Fashions’ .

A shot of all the models.

Models on the day...confident youth and mature mixed border

And lastly the Just Divine girls

Just Divine confident models

It was a great day, fun, frivolous and even learned something…and even a little wicked….those horns really do keep the halo straight….those who know me know I am angelic… perhaps I should go now….

If you have enjoyed please do share, woman in maturity have so much wisdom and joy to share…maturity brings out our sensuality, confidence, sauciness and openness. It’s time…time for women 50 or nearly there and beyond to enhance their confidence, style and spirit…helping them to be seen, be heard and be visible…I am there.


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching, small group activity or workshops…

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If Women Liked Their Bodies…How Many Industries Would That Affect?


Last night I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends…and as you do we got talking.. bet that’s a surprise!  It was ‘focused’ talking, confidence talking actually…we are attending a ‘Great Gatsby Night’ next weekend so costume and accessories were the hot topic.

The Great Gatsby


Then we got to…well yes it was ‘me’…saying I have gained a little weight and my dress is a teensy bit firmer than it used to be…unless it shrunk in the wardrobe. Now there is a thought!

We progressed onto how women see their body image and how many of us make comparisons with the stick figures portrayed in the media. Just to enhance the effect many of us have been told over the years by partners, family, friends and educators that we were to tall or short, breasts too big or too small, too skinny or too fat, to blonde or too dark, talented or not talented.

On consideration I think Coco Chanel had it right! She was her own person and had an unfailing belief in herself and her abilities.

My experience was firstly my Dad who was not keen on women being educated, not keen on me and certainly never expressed a supportive loving statement as I was growing up. Compounding that my sister 10 years older told me repeatedly that I would be  ‘big and fat’. Why you ask…because at the age of 14, I was wearing her size 10 dresses when she was 24 and had 2 children.  And let’s not forget the media…


people like to bring up your past framed


I thought this phrase rather apt to the discussion!


That phrase from my sister  has simmered away in the back of my mind since then…and the voices in your head…you know the ones…in one ear it says ‘you are fine’ in the other ear it says ‘who are you kidding? You are gaining a little weight…next thing you know you will be’ … yes,  you know what I am going to say ‘big and fat.




So lets be realistic for a moment…I am 5.10, tall and slim ( NOT skinny), and true I can’t fit into some of my clothes. Again realistically when I bought those clothes I was seriously underweight (a by product of grief).

However I am now at a stable slim weight but at this age of well… 60 + postage and handling… that little voice started niggling away and ‘she’ broke through last night.

During the day this image popped up on Facebook,  it is amazing how things flow …


Women liking their many industries would that affect


It got me thinking…I know I am not the only woman who bemoans her body in some way. Just think for a moment about all the industries that make squillions of $$$$ based on women’s fashion and personal care.

They have a vested interest in keeping us thinking, doubting, worrying, buying, trying everything under the sun.

What if tomorrow women woke up and decided that they really liked their bodies…..

Sure this woman in the image is slim, however she is partly hidden, in shadows and light. We can’t see if she has  stretch marks, cellulite. a tummy or saggy breasts…we instinctively see young + slim = gorgeous. We instinctively compare ourselves to what we perceive is under that sheer fabric and in the process find ourselves lacking in some way.

Girls we are all beautiful, we all have some beautiful aspects and some not so gorgeous ones… that is what makes us real. Remember when you speak YOU are listening. What are you telling yourself?

If you focus on the energy and intention of this image suggesting sensuality, the promise of what is to come…what is unsaid…my question is. Are you open to it? The power of self love is boundless.

If we woke tomorrow and decided we really liked our bodies…would we need new clothes, diets, visits to the gym, coaches? I wonder what that would feel like if it was a global movement.

What would happen to the multiple industries that support women aiming to look good, look better, look fabulous?

Do you feel confident to say ‘I am fabulous right now’?

Love to hear what you are thinking about your body…and the journey you have been travelled. Your sharing can help others, we all love to hear stories.

Warm regards Di…


And what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you… with one on one coaching, small group activity or workshops…


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