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What Does Your Social Media Voice Say?

Does it paint the world as rosy, rosy, rosy?

Does it paint the world as blue, blue, blue?

Are you somewhere in between? Or are you squirming quietly in your chair?


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Learning the art and surviving caravanning is part of my life right now. You know, you see pictures of people’s travels (that includes mine) showing lovely nature shots, having coffee shots, couple shots, animal shots and you think wow, that person’s life is a dream, they have no worries, they are travelling around living the good life.


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Yes, I fell into that category, recently we have been away for 8 days in the van and we had some fabulous times, the scenery was amazing, the coffee was yummy, the animals were cute BUT there a few challenges along the way.


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What I am discovering is I don’t cope well with the unexpected. I am Miss Organised, and when things go awry it throws me into confusion and I don’t like a mess.

Life isn’t all beer and skittles, things go wrong, the unexpected happens whether you are at home, at work, caravanning or travelling elsewhere. Yet when we get on social media, we let it all come out as life being one continually happy dream.

Now before you get excited and say I don’t want to hear the negatives, I don’t want to hear your troubles, just bear with me.

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Stop and think for a moment, isn’t that what makes travel exciting. It is not simply where you have been but what experiences you had along the way. And… when you had a challenge how did you cope? How did you get over it?

Yesterday we were sharing what had happened and I was urged to write about it. The reason this came up was I was sharing the downers and having a laugh at our expense.

Come with me on our journey while I share one experience. We were travelling along away from the coast and decided to check out a camping spot. ‘Dirt road’ we were told, ‘not bad a bit rough here and there.  It’s about 3kms’. That is country talk for what we call ‘corrugations on top of corrugations and I find country folk a little elastic with their mileage when telling you distances. The road shook and rattled us, it felt like my bones were shaking.

When we got there, it was not impressive so we had to come back, over that same road.

It got quieter in the car, Pete concentrating on driving, me thinking ‘how much longer’. Was the weight of the world rally on my shoulders?


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I was so, so excited when we hit bitumen again. We pulled into a rest area and that is when it got interesting. Pete noticed water pouring out of the van. The rattling had dislodged a pipe and a connection under the sink and flooded the van. Right through to and including the carpet.

A silent mop up ensued. Eventually, peace reigned again.

Our time away continued with many highlights, laughs and enjoyments tempered with a few more challenges.

The day we were headed home a light switch had failed and we stopped to pick up a new one in a neighbouring town. The road we travelled was not rough, however, when we stopped there was water pouring out of the van again.

I said ‘goodness gracious me’ – NO, I didn’t!

So, I set to cleaning up, it was not as bad as we had only been on the road half an hour. We were in an industrial area with a big wire fence so after cleaning up I pegged the wet cleaning clothes on the fence while I waited and when Pete got back it looked like a Chinese laundry but everything was dry.

Looking back now, I am seeing that the unexpected bothers me, I did not always react in a positive manner… but today we can laugh about it. And I have a choice of how I will react next time. I can choose how I respond to life around me. Reflection on how we are now and how we were is always a good thing.


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So, when you share on social media, do you put on a brave face, do you ‘gild the lily’ and pretend all is rosy in your world? Or do you share on a lighter note life as it really happens?

People don’t really care about your ‘story’, what grabs their interest is how you dealt with what happened. It is when you show you are real, raw and authentic that you touch hearts.

To quote the American author SARK, ‘Every day we can choose to spin a little silk and let it grease everything we touch’.

Today, I invite you to share what your social media voice says about you.

Your Voice Matters is so many different ways. When life happens, challenges hit, we may unravel a little or a lot and feel we have lost our voice or that what w have to say is not important.

If that is you and you are thinking it is time for me…time for me to re-discover my voice I would love to chat with and see where I can help you. Contact me on or give me a call 0409 638 248.


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Ideas… where do you get your best ideas?

Ideas and challenges are like a bus, there will always be another one.  A phrase, image or paragraph I see is what sparks my thoughts.

Today was no different.

This morning I read my ‘stars for 2019’ in the local paper… it was very relevant and the soap analogy jumped right out at me.


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Life can be like soap – once you have dropped it, it is difficult to pick it up and get to grips with it again.  In much the same way I know in my heart that an idea I had a while ago is a plan worth following through. Even though I have not managed to hold on long enough to take practical steps towards making it my reality.

Consider 2019 as a perfect time to direct my energy into that project – my good idea can become a tangible part of my life.


Energy, desire, confidence, moving forward



Your Voice Matters… here I come. Speaking my truth, here I come, growing from each experience, here I come.

What can you step into for 2019, what sets your pulse racing, sets your soul on fire? Whatever it is, take one step at a time and go for it.  If you need help reach out and accept if you need to work on you, go for it.


Energy, desire, confidence, moving forward


Take a moment to look in the mirror, show love to yourself, hug yourself (you know cross your arms and put each hand on the opposite shoulder. Pat yourself gently and with compassion. That woman in the mirror she is truly amazing.


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And share, let’s share how we get and use ideas?

Connecting with me on Facebook is easy, click on the link and pop in and say hello. That would be awesome.

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Generosity of Spirit


Hi there, what pops into your mind when you think of generosity? This phrase has been floating around in my head recently and I felt the need to share my thoughts.

Generosity is a quality, like honesty and patience. When you are showing generosity, you may give away money, goods, time, love or something else.  Beyond that, when you are kind, supportive and gentle it is more than the act of giving, you are showing a generosity of spirit.

kind, compassionate, confident

You share freely with no expectation of a receiving something in return. You find ways to give others happiness for the joy of giving. Generosity is one of the best ways to show love and friendship.

That hand of friendship can come from anywhere at any time, without any indication of what is to come. I am speaking from experience here, and it is a humbling experience.

In the past, I have been able to step in with a generosity of spirit to support someone I believed in, who was having a challenge. Even if you call it random acts of kindness.

Going with random acts of kindness, it makes us (the giver) feel good and can change a moment, a day, a week or a lifetime for someone else. You have no idea of the ripple effect that can occur.

Other times it is simply an extension of friendship and you choose to do it because you can and you care.

Why is generosity important in life?

Because being kind and generous encourages us to perceive others in a more positive light. It fosters a sense of community and connectedness. It makes us feel better about ourselves. It encourages confidence and throws a different light on the negatives in another’s life.

In the fast-paced, gimme gimme world of today, wouldn’t it be a better place if more people showed generosity towards one another.

In the past month, I have had several acts of generosity of spirit extended to me. I am filled with awe and gratitude for the beautiful people in my life. They include personal support when I slipped into self-doubt after a number of life-changing events, a coffee, a phone call and a dose of reality were priceless gifts.

Others were offers of help in monetary form, support in getting my thoughts straight, time and caring extended to me. Because someone believes in who I am and what I do. Their acts of generosity of spirit have helped me to pick myself up and move forward again.

Those who are generous don’t want or need their names in bright lights, yet as they read this article, they know who they are. Thank you, gorgeous people!


Forgiveness, recieving, love, compassion, beyond abuse


Take a moment and think back over your 2018 and write a list of those who have been generous to you.  Did you remember to express gratitude” Have you thought about paying it forward to someone else and make a difference in their lives? If not, now might be a good time.

When I wrote my list, even although I knew it was extensive, I was surprised at the generosity that has been extended to me this year. I find that this is the value of a gratitude journal. A journal where you write 3-5 things that have happened every day and extra entries for the really fabulous ones. It changes your mindset, your demeanour and the filter through which you view the word.

If you are feeling below par right now, if you are having challenges, doubts – please reach out, talk to someone you trust. Inside your head can be a dangerous and depressing place to be at that time.

If you know someone who is feeling below par right now, who is having challenges, doubts that are pulling them down. Extend your generosity of spirit, call them, have a coffee, talk to them.


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Generosity is a quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others. It brings meaning and purpose to our lives and is a true expression of our soul.I

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