A Choice for Change – Compassion, Love, Forgiveness?


                            Today I pray for compassion, love and forgiveness.


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We do have a choice to make a difference, we always have a choice, doing nothing is even a choice.  As a mature woman possibly a mother or grandmother you have a unique role to play.

I often say the only constant in my life over the 12 years I have lived alone is change. Learning to adapt to and embrace change creates a wonderful basis for re-building and re-charging your life.

My experience in life has shown me that learning, developing and showing compassion, love and forgiveness gives you peace. It took me many years and the writing and publishing of my story to totally embrace these three attributes.

It is not about saying ‘what happened’ is OK… it is about forgiving their souls and asking what happened in their lives that caused them to want to inflict such pain on their families. Everyone has their unique journey to travel and we are better served by allowing that to unfold.

Today my heart goes out to mother’s everywhere who have lost their children whatever their age. Loss has happened since time immemorial and it will continue to happen, that is life… today it is right in our face. The media is alive with coverage of last nights event. How sad that the best choice is the death penalty and my deep condolences go out to the families of Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran and the others executed last night. May they now rest in peace.

My hope is that this would be a clear message about the devastation and destruction caused by drugs, greed, violence and addictions. Not just for this occasion but in our society.

It seems that recently there has been an acceleration of pain and horror for families. Last weekend was the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day  and we looked back on the senseless loss of the lives of young men some even younger than 17. Then 20 years later to face further loss of sons in WW11.

In our own worlds we may experience the loss of a child, a relationship, a home, a career, friends or some other loss from a  violent or peaceful incident.  It may have been sudden, long and protracted, self imposed or thrust upon you.

Whatever it is, it is of the utmost importance to you, it is your life that you see crashing and crumbling around you. You are likely feeling numb, angry, vulnerable, scared, anxious or overwhelmed.


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The Universe does leave the door open for those who wish to move through it. It is possible for life to go on, for life to be good, different, maybe even better.  It is OK to be vulnerable as you peek beyond your grief and learn to live, celebrate, laugh and live again.

When you choose to change, when you choose to let go and when your choose to embrace compassion, love and forgiveness your life will change.

Is it easy? NO, it isn’t! It is a huge step from that place of overwhelm, the pain of the moment to start moving forward. Let love find a way through your vulnerability to your truth, to your authenticity. Seek and accept assistance, there is a plethora of agencies out there to help you and your loved ones.

As mature women we have a unique and valuable role to play in a society of our making.  When we choose health, well being and love, when we live with compassion, love and forgiveness we are being positive and powerful role models for our families and our society.


Confidence, standing together, facing fears


Our lives and our families are precious. Much love and hugs to all.

If you life is in overwhelm you may like to contact me for a chat. My passion is confidence, yes helping mature women to confidently face their world starting from where they are right now.






4 comments to A Choice for Change – Compassion, Love, Forgiveness?

  • Coral McVean  says:

    I am against the death penalty and have always been. In the early hours of this morning I was woken by an extremely clear vision of Andrew Chan so I prayed for them. Visions are very rare for me . My heart goes out to all of their families.

    Prior to Anzac Day I had a very reflective time going through my uncle’s letters. It was the first time that I had looked at them. He put his age up and was in France and died from shrapnel wounds on the 30th July , 1918- Only a few months before the end of the war . What amazed me was reading a letter written by the
    matron to the family dated the 30th July – such beautiful compassion

    • Di  says:

      Thanks Coral fro your lovely words. I think so many of in our mature years start reflecting back and reading letters, journals, notes on the back of photos. Love and compassion has ben a thread through it all. My heart too goes out to all families affected by the ravages of war. Thank you for sharing lovely lady….hugs Di xx

  • Suzie Cheel  says:

    Yes Di ,
    I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you seems very appropriate at this sad time. Living with love, compassion and forgiveness changes ones thinking and being xx

    • Di  says:

      Thank you Suzie….your comments are just beautiful and heartfelt, I can feel your beautiful energy.. Hugs hugs Di xxx

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