Confidence Coaching


Welcome to my Confidence page- this may be new territory for you.  You may be browsing, seeking or asking. 

Whatever the reason  let’s give it a shake!


 I am passionate about mature women having the confidence to life their lives to the fullest.


Self confidence, self esteem,, mature women, anxious, fearful, nervous


You may  ..

  • Have lived life yet know there is more… and you now ready for ‘what’s next’
  • Be feisty and fifty – live & large – come into your own in new and exciting ways
  • Have had either glorious adventures or fabulously failed somewhere
  • Have refused to get old – and be flaunting a famously bodacious style and spirit
  • Have the hormonal changes of menopause making you saucier and more outspoken
  • Have taken the art of aging to a whole new level – maybe sensual – we are women… watch us roar!
  • Be riding the rollercoaster of aging with humour, information and wisdom
  • Have a new interest in spirituality and self development


Yet maybe you…

  • Feels disempowered, life experiences have worn you down
  • Have an altered body image from surgery and feel less than desirable as a woman.
  • Be feeling stressed and worrying about financial security
  • Be feeling invisible and unimportant
  • Have fear  getting in the way of you making wise and prudent decisions
  • Be feeling overwhelmed and not in control of her life.
  • Be starting over and not sure where to start.

I have something for  you…I invite you to join me on an incredible confidence boosting journey – just for you. It is all about YOU. 

self confidence,  self esteem,  overcoming fears, mature women , confidence beyond 50

Confidence Coaching for women beyond 50…..have you thoughts about it?  I don’t need confidence I hear you say….let’s say you might be feeling vulnerable…you might be feeling overwhelmed, you might be feeling you can’t cope…or you might be thinking there must be more to life than this!

Inside you and all other women…especially those 50+  is a beautiful, confident being. Sometimes that inner confidence can be covered up and you stop being the real sparkling you.

It may be that amid the euphoria of aging graciously, a serious or even not so serious life challenges can leave you feeling vulnerable. And that is OK, allowing your vulnerability to show (you don’t need to prove yourself) makes you softer, wiser and more authentic.

Do you want to feel more confident? Would you like to feel great about yourself? And have even more skills? Then Di will show you how… it may be just  a little stretch.


confidence, overcomig fears, starting over


With Di as your coach, you will:

  • Have a confidante
  • Re-establish a clear direction
  • Draw on Di’s wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Become more aware of your incredible strengths
  • See what you perceive as shortcoming in a fresh new light
  • Realise your vulnerability can be a strength
  • Experience Di’s professionalism, empathy and flexibility

Myths and facts about Confidence


Connfidence, arrogance, fears, nerves, anxiety


When do you need a coach?

Most of the time. Di still has a coach, a sounding board for ideas and plans.

Get another point of view from someone not emotionally involved


Do you want to:

Improve your confidence level?
Develop skills to help you cope with change?
Worry less and feel more in control of your life?
Learn tips to improve your relationships?
Have a behaviour you would like to change?
Learn strategies to be kind to yourself?
Be visible…be seen and be heard as a mature woman!
Have quick tips for days when it all goes wrong or pick ups for slip ups?
Embrace maturity with confidence and grace?
Feel connected, confident and alive?















If you said yes to 3 or more, confidence coaching could be for you.

Structure and format

Di will tailor your sessions to suit your needs and availability.

The options include:

Individual sessions

  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Email – not a preferred method, it can be cumbersome and more difficult to get ideas and thoughts over quickly. It is more appropriate for between sessions

Group sessions

Small groups can be a follow on from individual sessions, some women feel inhibited or there may be an issue with confidential information.

Duration of each session

These can be flexible and Di will adapt to your needs.

  • Complimentary one hour session to establish rapport and create your best coaching approach
  • One hour face to face sessions (fortnightly at first then monthly) with a time frame of three or six months
  • Additional communication through emails, text or calls as needed

Six months is the ideal minimum period to establish rapport and create effective change with support. Flexibility is important rather than the session number, this enables the time for issues to be dealt with without creating pressure.

Coaching fees on request

One on one – either face to face or on Skype

Group  sessions – maximum 6



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