The Gift of Confidence through a 21 Day Confidence Challenge

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The Gift of Confidence…a gift that goes on giving…


How many times have you thought you had confidence nailed? Then found you didn’t?

Have you ever started a project full of confidence and enthusiasm then doubts crept in and you blew it?

When we experience that stuff up or fail to reach a goal, we lose faith in ourselves, doubt creeps in and we are less inclined to take inspired action next time a new idea or project comes along.

We lose confidence in ourselves and our ability, often not reaching out for help. Confidence is not a state we stay in. It fluctuates with life and experiences.

Knowing how to access your confident powers when you need helps you bounce back quickly.

Confidence is a habit, a learned habit. It is an umbrella that covers resilience, self- belief, self -worth and perceptions.

If you are facing a change or challenge right now and would like to boost or rebuild your confidence, then the 21 -day Confidence may just for you.



self confidence, self esteem, moving on, assertiveness, anxiety,


In the ‘Gift of Confidence 21 Day Challenge’ you will:

  • Become aware of where are right now
  • Know what confidence really is and what sits beneath it
  • Know you can be and do confidence despite what others have told you in the past
  • Believe that you deserve to feel confident despite what you have put yourself down about
  • Even when or if you ‘stuff up’, you can still be ready to embrace your confidence
  • Believe your skills, talents and ability are enough for you to say ‘I’m Ready’

What you will get

  • A closed Facebook group
  • One 45min discovery session with Di
  • A daily video to guide you to the changes that are right for you
  • A place to post questions, challenges or for when you hit a wall
  • Support without judgment
  • Brainstorming and networking with like-minded women
  • A really inexpensive way to create changes in you that could have a massive impact on your life.

Get started today for just $97..  * includes a 45min discovery discussion

Commencing 29th August 2016

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