Confidence for Dating

Confidence for Dating

Are you are back on the dating scene after many years and find the internet scene daunting?

Is there some other way? Maybe a meet up group. So many women I speak to are ‘over’ the internet scene.  At least this way you are meeting someone with a mutual interest as a starter. You have an opportunity to mix, chat, observe and interact before looking as a romantic interaction.  Just a thought girls. 


Either way or being ‘matched up’ by family and friends which drives most women I know crazy! You may meet someone in your own social circle or catch up with someone from your past and re-kindle a romance.

Whichever track you take, it can still be daunting if you have been off the dating scene for many years. If this is where you are right now…then do read on. 


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You have finally plucked up the courage to try internet dating and friends say -‘You met where? Over the internet? ‘What a crazy thing to do’ or ‘You never know who is out there’


Being back on the dating scene can raise the fear factors of ‘I can’t do this’, or worse ‘what if he thinks I am silly’, or ‘what if I don’t know what to say’.





The next thing you know, you’ve ‘talked yourself’ out of a new opportunity. It seems scary but you already have your profile out there – you are doing it!



 I felt those same fears and I can help you…   

As one client said, ‘Di helped me establish my boundaries’‘I felt so relaxed when I met him, it seemed easy’ and “I even enjoyed it’. 

I work by first getting you to acknowledge it is OK!    

This a new experience for you. I use a series of exercises that explore and build your self-confidence and your ability to present yourself naturally.

And  I give you loads of practice!

I support this with positive feedback in a  supportive,  non-threatening, fun-filled way so you are just can’t wait to come back next week for more.

This is your opportunity to re-discover and love who you are, and to be aware of what you will and won’t stand for.

How it works

We plan the initial chat, how much you will divulge, giving out your phone number, establishing your boundaries, some pitfalls and your safety.

Not every experience works out and that is OK – using my  ‘pick up for slip ups’  helps you and still grows your self-confidence.

You even remember how to have fun along the way!

My website has testimonials from previous clients and I encourage you to see what they have said about working with me.

But, before starting I like to meet and have an informal, no-cost meeting to start building the connection and trust that is so important for a successful coaching relationship.

If you would like to do this, when would be a good time to meet?

If being back on the dating scene is daunting for you contact me through my website at I will take away the overwhelm so you can focus on attracting the next best thing into your life.