Confident Speaking – Speaker’s First Workshop


Do you… get nervous, sweaty palms, look at the floor and say ‘don’t pick on me’ when you are asked to speak? Maybe your thoughts dry up and you forget everything you ever knew? Does that sound familiar?

There is an answer… start you journey with the Speaker’s First Workshop. It could be just what you need right now. Next one starts April 9th 2015


Confidence, self eteem, confidence, confident women

* Confidence is the best make up you can wear.

• Speaking confidently is a ‘must have’ accessory’ 

What do you get?

• 3 sessions run in a small group (details below)
• A fun program based on active participation in a supportive atmosphere
• You get to present your message in your words
• Tips on dealing with nerves
• Tips on dealing with confidence zappers

Wow..the power and energy that is created in a small group session for speaking and coaching is amazing. This, the first group that was run elected to continue from the basic program and take a maintenance program monthly with a focus each session.


Confidence, sepaking with confidence, controlling nerves, anxiety


If public speaking carries a huge fear for you…a fear large enough to stop you in your tracks, then read on.

Do you feel. look and SPEAK with confidence? If fear of speaking is holding you back, join us to assist you to find, develop and refine your style so you can shine and be the best in your business

The ‘Speaker’s First’ workshops, 3 sessions are based on speaking effectively, getting it together, personal presentation and delivery…become the speaker first, all else will fall into place as speaking in public is for most, the difficult part.

Anyone can become a confident speaker…yes, you can… come and increase your confidence, have fun and best impact more people with your message as you communicate and connect more effectively.

Confidence in speaking effectively is making it simple but significant.

Contact Di 0409 638 248 or  for dates and costs. Max of 6 participants per group