Cruising Off Over The Seas … Not A Problem!


Getting just a tad excited…  you know those promos where you see the ship sailing? The passengers are smiling? It is smooth sailing and nobody gets motion sickness?


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That is ‘my intention’ for next week as I brave the high seas on my first cruise… I use an image with the words ‘dive right in…confidence breeds confidence’.  Well… my kind of diving in means ‘getting on the cruise ship’, not ‘diving into the water’.

Can you sense a teensy tiny bit of trepidation? Oohh can you really!


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  • Yes, traveling by plane, bus, car, train is not a problem. The swaying motion in a boat is a BIG problem. Now I know that was when we were in a 17 foot half cabin cruiser –  and we did go 17mile out to sea in it…that was a loooong way to me.
  • And on the houseboat – OK it was in sheltered waters and I was OK on that.
  • And I know the Pacific Jewel is much bigger – but so are the waves.


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Now what am I going to do about it?

The list, the list, the list where is my list?


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Steps taken include (yes my list making comes in handy)

  • Stemetil for balance – starting 3 days before I leave
  • Maxalon in case the unthinkable happens (I am a Cancerian I am prepared for everything)
  • Ginger tablets, ginger and ginger biscuits (told you I was prepared)
  • Arm bands for motion sickness.
  • My intentions phrases and my ‘tapping’ ability
  • I will eat and drink  lightly firsts night out
  • I remembered to pack my sense of humour (as a pirates wench on fun night I may need it)
  • Clothes… now that is a separate list!

What else?

  • I have been reliably informed that ships have green apples (in case)
  • If all else fails I could snack on confidence – that won’t add to my waistline
  • It was suggested to me yesterday that I put a band-aid behind my ear (not sure about that one)
  • OOhh and the best intention is that I have a wonderful time with the lovely man in my life.

Why am I sharing this?

  • The list may help someone else
  • It satisfies my list making gene
  • Now I know I am prepared I can relax and enjoy myself
  • It keeps you young facing and overcoming challenges

Not a problem…bring it on… off for 7 nights see you all on my return.

A quick question before I go – what have you done to challenge yourself this week?

If yes congratulations! If not it is only Friday afternoon you still have time!

If your confidence fails you when facing a challenge we need to chat… empowering through boosting confidence takes away the overwhelm.

6 comments to Cruising Off Over The Seas … Not A Problem!

  • Suzie Cheel  says:

    See you not need any of those tablets etc – see you dancing the night away and meeting new like minded friends- have a ball xx

    • Di  says:

      Thank you lovely lady… dancing the night away is part of the plan… and so is matting new friends… Pete has a great personality is a terrific mixer. I am really looking forward to it. Hugs Di xx

      • Coral McVean  says:

        Just relax and have a ball . I am sure that you will want to go cruising again after this experience Coral xx

        • Di  says:

          Hi Coral,
          Lovely to hear from you. Are you home yet? A coffee get together sounds good to me when I get back. We will have a ball… hugs Di xx

  • Gloria Lewis  says:

    WOW!!!! Lucky you to be going on a Cruise. Hope you really enjoy yourself.

    • Di  says:

      Thanks Gloria I am really looking forward to it. You wishes are greatly appreciated. Cheers Di xx

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