Di’s Evolving


A question popped up in another group this morning ‘How have you evolved?’


Confidence, self esteem, beoming a better person, how have you evolved


It got me thinking of my journey, what I used to think and how I think today.

Some of the ways I have evolved through confidence, resilience and working on me are:

 I lacked confidence, now my quiet inner confidence is my driving force.

 I was scared witless of speaking in public – today I love and enjoy it

 I had an over developed sense of responsibility, I thought I had to ‘fix’ everything and everybody – today I know I am responsible for me

 I was a worrier, there were times when I worried if there was nothing to worry about. Today I am a work in progress, today I face life, change what I can and mostly accept what I can’t.

 I was a control freak, I thought I knew what was best for all. Today I love taking care of me and living my life being the best version of me.

 I worried about my appearance, I worried endlessly because I had small breasts, I thought if I didn’t have a mouth you wouldn’t know the front from the back of me – today I love and appreciate my body, my stature and my gracious aging.

 I thought I was not good enough, today I know I am definitely enough.

 I took things personally. today as a work in progress I know I am not responsible for how others see and behave towards me, it is how I react that matters. As the saying goes what other people think of me is none of my business.

 I was ashamed of my past now I fully accept what happened. I have taken years, taken the time to go within and work on myself. Writing and journalling evolved into self publishing that story. I lived and breathed it, spoke about it and run programs about it. It was the catalyst for what I do today.

 I lost my sense of self after years of being the carer and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and finding myself alone and starting over. I found a strong, warmer more compassionate woman, I like her.

 I thought I could not cope alone, in fact I have coped with my new life exceedingly well. A friend told me after Les passed away that life could still be great, wonderful and in fact even better than before. I have proven that to be true.

I judged myself to the eenth degree, today I love, honour, forgive and support myself.

 I used to be hyperactive, I now direct my time and energy more wisely and appreciate the vast stores of energy that have sustained and supported me through my life.

 I didn’t think I had a leadership bone in my body, my 40 years in Toastmasters proved differently and shown my level of competence in communication and leadership.es when I look back I wonder who that woman was, what she was thinking – I scarcely recognise her. It is not what happens to me but how react and who I become because of it. I love and appreciate the woman I am today as I keep in mind I am being the best version of me I can be.


Confidence, seeing with new lens, self esteem


 This list may inspire you to write yours. I invite you to stop and consider how have you evolved? How does your list look? I would love to hear from you, reach out to me here or at di@diriddell.com


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