It Is Just NOT That Important


I was having coffee with a girlfriend recently we were talking and laughing about how we get upset over things that we think at the time are  important. Have you got things now that you look back on and think…why did I think that was important?

We giggled, notice how good you feel when you stop and laugh, over instances in our lives and giggled even more over experiences we have shared over the years, things that make me cringe today.


being you, confidence, self esteem

So, I decided to compile a little list (I am good at lists) of mine. You may even see yourself in here.

I used to think it was important to:

  • Look fabulous – for years I was worried over having small breasts, it completely escaped my notice that I had other great assets.
  • That I might ‘look fat in that’ and I don’t look good in jeans’– heavens I am tall and slim and can wear almost anything.
  • Keep busy every hour of every day. I was the original ‘hyperactive’. That is I stopped I was lazy, I would never get anything done. I am not and I did most of the time – who cared? Only me!
  • Be everything to everyone – what a shock it became when I my life fell apart from the death of my husband – to my shock and horror the world worked just fine without me.
  • Press the button to cross the road 10 times – I thought it would work faster.
  • Have the toothpaste tube looking neat. He squeezed and screwed the toothpaste tube all crooked. Note to self – woman get a life!
  • Have the loo roll on the right way – it takes 2 secs to change it.
  • Have the opening of the pillow case facing away from the door – OK that is a relic habit from nursing days. My son used to drive me to distraction leaving his facing the door, he only did it to get a reaction.
  • Wear high heels – I have been wearing them since I was a teen and I am about to hit six score and ten… now I need to wear flatties most of the time. A friend commented ‘be grateful you have feet to put in them’.
  • ‘Do’ technology – when my husband passed away 15 years ago I was virtually computer illiterate. For year’s I beat myself up over not being able to do things, not able to fix it, so much blood, sweat and tears expended. A friend said to me ‘could you fix the computer when Les alive?’ When I answered no, they said well why does the simple act of him leaving this earthly plane make you think you can suddenly do it all. Light bulb moment!

Now this list is far from complete, maybe you have found yourself doing some of these or you probably have your own list.

I would like to ask you ‘how much time and energy have you spent over the years indulging in your little foibles’? Imagine how you could have used that time differently?

I have found that life has a way of getting you to realise either with a gentle tap or a thundering crash what is important.

What is important to you? Please do share your thoughts


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