Is that possible??????

Today, I had an huge Ahha! moment.

This morning I was in a hospital waiting room with my elderly brother reading a magazine. And well… I couldn’t just pop the magazine in my pocket now could I so I need to share from here? Wow, I was tempted and it sure got me thinking… along quite a different track to the food/weight angel that was the meat of the article.  to that intended in the article.

These words flew off the page at me…

weight loss, emotional happiness, confidence, self esteem

 I looked at it for a moment…thinking  how could that happen…then I read on! This woman had been on the see-saw of gaining and losing weight. She would gain weight, go on yet another diet (she tried every diet conceivable type of diet over the years). Yet the moment she stopped dieting she gained those kgs back + extra.

She is now down to her goal weight… she knows there is no magic bullet – ‘eat less and move more’ is her mantra.

The scary thing was she added up all the kgs she had lost over 25 years and it added up to 1300kgs. What a super human effort for her body to carry, her heart to pump for and her legs to carry.

However my mind went to our emotions –

If you look back over the years would you have the Confidence and courage to and count up in kgs the emotional baggage that you have accumulated, then lost some only to gain it back again + more.

 How many emotional kgs have burned through your body?

 Facing fears, anxious, weight loss, confidence. self esteem


Would you be willing to stop for a moment and add them up? What would your figure be? How many kgs in weight?

Is it any wonder that when we are loaded up with emotional baggage we:

  • Feel the weight of that pulling us down, dragging us under.
  • Feel exhausted and wrung out and shrouded in confusion
  • The confusion gets in the way of our making prudent decisions

I admit that I would have had my  share of 1300kgs of baggage over the years – this metaphor simple brought home how exhausting that was for my body. And what a relief when I let it go.

I meet many mature women who are feeling stressed, drowning in life’s challenges – is that where you are right now?

There is an answer – it does not have to be hard work. However we do need to make the decision to change.  To take control…if you are open to change… to having a strong, quiet level of confidence and belief in yourself to help you ride the flames of life’s ups and downs then I may have a solution for you.

My Confidence Circle Workshop on Thursday 25th June – addresses these issues. If  this sounds like something that could help you… Di’s Confidence Workshop

Confidence, confidencbeyond50, overcoming fears, self esteem

Girls keep looking after yourselves… you are precious. Hugs Di


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