Overcoming Nerves with Confidence


Taming those nerves… redirecting them for positive energy and sparkle – would you like to be able to do that?

Have you ever felt the heat rise in your body, your hands go sweaty and you find yourself holding your breath all because you could not say what you wanted to say? Especially if you are in an unfamiliar place and with unfamiliar  people .




Nerves can cause havoc so easily – let’s look at some of them..

 3 areas I see nerves actively stopping women from being involved are:

  • Networking where you find it difficult to join a group
  • Networking and you have 30 sec to introduce yourself
  • Commenting online on Facebook pages or in groups

 You want to be in there, you really do have something to say… the inner you starts on you with words like:

  • You will look/sound silly
  • They might ignore me
  • You can’t speak for 30 sec
  • I will just watch and read online – I don’t have anything of value to add


Does that sound familiar?

I know that feeling I have been there…and I didn’t like it.

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3 tips from the video to help tame your nerves and present more effectively.

  • Smile and breathe
  • Posture
  • Redirect your nervous energy


If this is your current experience and my words resonate with you my Confidence Workshops are for you. They take away the overwhelm so you can focus on attracting the next best thing into your life.


Check out Di’s Confidence Packages





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