Procrastination…I Am Doing It With Confidence Today


Have you ever had one of those day when there are many things that need to be done…and you find a gazillion excuses not to do it?


procrastination lack confidence lack energy


I read this definition of an excuse – it is ‘the skin of a reason stuffed with a ‘porkie” Well I freely admit today I have been busy ‘stuffing’ and I have told myself all kinds of ‘porkies’ in justification.

Yes you might have read all this before…think of it as a gentle reminder. We need to see things more than once before we take notice.


Confidence procrastination Seeing things more than once


The problem is we become so good at excuses… we may even start to believe them.


Confidenct about being not confident lack motivation


EXCUSE No 1 – I will do it later

Worst excuse ever that gives me a perfect excuse to make a cuppa and then to escape into a book and I did for a couple of hours.

EXCUSE No 2 –  I will just spend an hour on images.

And time laughed and laughed and laughed…I have spent about 5 hours playing in images today yet I have not done anything productive with them.

EXCUSE No 3 – It’s hot

Yes it is – we live in Queensland and I am used to it. I can’t even explain that.

EXCUSE No 4 – I am going away tomorrow its too late to start now.

I could have achieved a lot today had I had a plan. Tomorrow morning I know I will be running round like a hairy goat wishing I had been more productive today.

EXCUSE No 5 – I don’t have everything I need yet.

How many times do we say that we can’t start until all is perfect? We can actually start from where we are now and just imagine how much better you will be when you are finished.

I had my excuses lined up, all my ducks were in a row there.. And I lived up to them with every shred of confidence I possess. When in fact  procrastination zaps your energy and your confidence leaving you feeling  unmotivated and displeased with your day.


Let’s get positive as I share my tips…


Confidence over procrastination


How do I overcome this lethargy, procrastination and lack of oomph

  • Write a list of what needs to be done today and mark them off. Starting with the most difficult. I work best if my list is written the night before. if it is there when I come to the computer I simply start and achieve a lot.
  • I love to work with music in the background that sets the scene and I work away happily
  • Do one thing at a time and complete it. How easily we can flit from project to project. Develop your strategy for keeping you focused.
  • Put a time on an activity. I can play and create in images for hours and hours – like a child with colouring in. Try setting an alarm for an hour. I find it best if I use that a as a reward for myself.
  • Turn off social media and email alerts. Oohh how tempting it is to just pop over and see who that was. OOhhhh you say, how wonderful I will just read that and 20 mins later you are still there. .
  • When its hot stay well hydrated and take frequent short breaks.
  • Keep up the positive self talk – Noooo I don’t mean the ‘Its OK you don’t need to do it positive’.. I mean refrain from the ‘beating yourself up kind of positive’. Actively encouragement yourself.
  • Reward yourself when a job is complete and smile as you mark it off your list.

Finally gather your excuses, embrace them then set them free. Pick up your plan (it may be very different to mine) and go for it. There is nothing like action and positivity to drive procrastination out the door.

I would love to hear how you cope on your days of procrastination.

Cheers and happy overcoming procrastination… Di 

4 comments to Procrastination…I Am Doing It With Confidence Today

  • Pat  says:

    Oh dear, you know me and procrastination are best friends…but I did heaps yesterday while procrastinating de-moulding and sorting out my wardrobe :-)

    • Di  says:

      Good on you Pat… you clever girl… who says you are a procrastinator!!!!!! Cheers Di xx

  • Pat  says:

    …further to my last comment…I actually did do my wardrobe today..yipee!!!

    • Di  says:

      Ohhh my goodness I am impressed….. cheers Di xx

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