Reflections and Insights on Three Things Louise Hay Taught Me


Today as I reflect on Louise Hay and my personal journey, I am very grateful for this woman who positively impacted the lives of many people. I bless you Louise for your powerful presence and contribution. In fact I popped over to my bookcase to see what I had there, the 3 titles that jumped out were:

‘The Present Moment – 365 Daily Affirmations

• ‘Heart Thoughts’ – a treasury of inner wisdom

• ‘You Can Heal Your Life’

 What’s on your bookshelf?

For anyone who little about her..this link gives a great precis of her life

When I was in a dark place, her gentle words, her ability to reach out through the pages and share her inner wisdom allowed me to jump start my healing process.

 3 things Louise taught me


 1. The value of loving myself

2. Mirror work –

3. Insights into the connection between disease and ourselves.




‘I love and accept myself right now’  what a wonderful affirmation. Many of us feel we can’t love ourselves until we are healthier, in or out of a relationship, get more money, have a better job, have a holiday or some other out there thing.

When you do that you are putting off loving yourself, it is not serving your higher good, you are saying that you are not important or don’t deserve to be loved.

The time to love yourself is right now, in this present moment giving it all you have got.

When you have your love tank is filled then it can flow out and benefit your world. If you are running on empty, you have nothing to give.

love, erspect, value, confidence



This is a process that many resist, the very thought of looking into a mirror and saying ‘I love you’ makes you squirm. The greater the resistance the greater the need. It is a powerful exercise, I invite you to try.

• Stand in front of the mirror and close your eyes

• Think about someone who loves you and imagine viewing yourself through their eyes.

• When ready open your eyes and look into the mirror. Allow yourself to really see

yourself through the eyes of someone who totally loves you.

Give yourself time to absorb the process

mirror, self love, self worth, self belief



Louise invited you to see if you could find the correlation between diseases you may have had or are having now and probable causes. her suggestion was to:

1. look up the mental cause and see if that could be true for you. sit quietly and ask yourself ‘what could be the thoughts in me that created this?’

2. Repeat to yourself ‘I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition’

3. Repeat the new thought pattern to yourself several times

4. Assume you are already in the process of healing


Confidence, seeing with new lens, self esteem


As I look back over the last 15 year journey, I acknowledge the journey I have travelled. Sometimes it was bumpy, sometimes I stopped and stalled, sometimes I cried buckets of tears. This lady’s gentle approach enabled me to move forward. In fact it has been looking forward, looking back…


wisdom, reflection, insights


My life was definitely out of whack and my journey interesting, challenging and ongoing.  Is your life out of whack right now?

When life gets out of whack sometimes it just takes a quick swish of reflection and you are right, other times it can seem a long and unattainable road back to living and feeling in control of your life.

Would you like the magic of coming together with other like minded women? Would you like to see yourself getting randomly excited, having a living experience? Would you like to boost your confidence and raise your enthusiasm?

If so join me for the 21 day Butterfly Net Challenge where with your imaginary butterfly net you capture happy moments, swish up a thought to capture that moment before any dark disturbing thoughts start and take back control of your life?

For everything to change, you have to change. We all know doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result is self destructive.

I would love you to join and engage with me, to get immersed in your butterfly net and by using a few simple tools diligently for 21 days you can make amazing changes in your thoughts, mindset and confidence.

If this resonates with you , you can reach out to me at…… or on 0409 638 248



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