Whooppee….One Room Down!

Yes I was whoopee-ing with confidence all over the place a  little while ago….

I have finished the clear out and de-clutter in my office! What a difference!

Detours in life...confidently embrace e them...

A de-clutter is rather like a detour from life how it was… it makes a space for discovering things we never knew..and will come to love…it is new and exciting. Embrace detours!

A quick post today… I wanted to share I got soo excited!

I think many of us are facing changes in many ways and in sharing my experiences…it may resonate with you, it may assist you with your change process…or you might just get a giggle…

Go on…give your self a hug and a kiss…just because you can!

Bright...confident colour so long as red rose...

Gone is an incredible amount of ‘stuff’ that is no longer applicable in my life. Years of notes, books, manuals, magazines, courses, old paperwork relating to years ago – why did I keep it?  Even books six grocery bags of books went to the goodwill store! There is space on the bookshelves.

The room seems lighter, brighter, more open…the energy has shifted, old stuff gone!

It also served as a little ‘check up from the neck up’ about what I have achieved and the difference I have made in the lives of many over decades. It has been an emotionally charged trip down memory lane and it has left me feeling de-stabilised and off balance.
I know I am in a space facing enormous change, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know where it will take me…and it is unsettling and scary.

A few days ago I had a melt down, it is difficult for me to describe and articulate. I felt I had created this great space…then suddenly I went into overwhelm…like I had opened a Pandora’s box and I don’t know what will come out.

Confidence Chin up gorgeous don't let it get to you...

Believe me I have faced more challenges than most from the miniscule to the monumental …for the life of me I can’t think what can come out and surprise me anymore. Yet the fear and overwhelm bubbled up.

Today as I complete the clearing and smudge the room…I feel that fear lessening…I feel calm and at peace. My natural spontaneity and confidence are rising up and bubbling over.

Next room for me to tackle is the kitchen – the source of manifestation. Taking everything from every cupboard, throwing out what is broken, has no value in my life today or not used, wiping everything out with orange oil and putting it all back in a different place…

Watch this space 2 she said with confidence

When I first did this I asked ‘Why?’ Cheryl Brazel the Feng Shui and ‘red undy lady’ informed me that when you put things back in a different place it makes you look at things from a different perspective and at different ways you can achieve something.

That did my head in the first time I did it and it took me a whole weekend and I have a small kitchen! … I mean to say you put things in a spot in the kitchen for a reason! OK  ‘tanti’ over! Even if you shift from one side of a shelf to the other…that is still movement.

My other choice is I have decided to do a de-clutter journal,  to follow my process. To observe my emotions, my mindset and to see what actions I took as a result. Great for reflection later…or perhaps for future writing.

Journal confidence and declutter

If you happen to be going through great change right now and de-cluttering or know someone who is… you may enjoy my experience, pick up an idea to try or simply ‘de-clutter vicariously’.. how is that for a positive slant on procrastination.

And remember to embrace your detours whenever they arise.

You may even seek me out to assist you… I invite you to pop over to   www.diriddell.com and take a peek.


Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

Would you like to know more?

Slip over to  http://diriddell.com/confidence-coaching-2/

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7 comments to Whooppee….One Room Down!

  • Steve Lyddy  says:

    Great blog!

    • Di  says:

      Thanks Steve….lovely man!

  • Leanne  says:

    Well done! I love the idea of moving things to new places, I’m inspired to try it now. I wonder what new things will come into your life now you’ve created all this magic space 🙂

    • Di  says:

      Hi Leeanne..thank you… moving things to new places was indeed a novel idea when I first tried it… and of course it drove me crazy because you go to where things were before! I have been a bit of an ‘organise’ girl from way back…maybe my nursing training! You know things like undies colour coordinated in the drawer… seems logical to me…makes it easier to find what you want for a particular outfit!

      As to what will happen in this new space… I am sure the Universe has some surprises for me yet! Cheers Di

  • Vince  says:

    I know what a big job you have ahead of you. I have seen your office and kitchen. You probably needed a trailer to take it all away. If you doing all this has been good for you then I am pleased

  • Tash Majenta  says:

    It’s funny how when I do my moving around of furniture and de-cluttering, people like my husband of the time, or friends would shake their heads and say I was mad. ‘Why did you move everything around again when it was fine as it was?’ This was the attitude I’d get met with. “Because it creates new and fresh energy for me.” They’d shake their heads again. Needless to say, I moved those friends and people out of my life. I de-cluttered the people in my life. This brought about new and fresh energy.

  • Suzie Cheel  says:

    Love Love your decluttering journey Di and you really have me thinking about changing places- Des would go crazy in the kitchen. i like the idea of getting a new perspective on things 🙂

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