The Wisdom Whisperer… Confidence Tip No 5…Eye Contact


 Good morning… it is a cool morning here on the Sunshine Coast and the sun is shining through my office window.  The Wisdom Whisperer returns…again…there is more. To recap – as the ‘Wisdom Whisperer of Confidence’ I am chatting and sharing from experience gained over almost six decades.

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Today is the 5th blog post of 7 in the series. Tip 1 was Trust, tip 2 was Smile, Tip 3 was to laugh and tip 4 was to keep breathing. Today the tip is about eye contact.  Pat in the image is thinking I have to look at you?????? Now is that expression or what?


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Confidence is one of those things that we take for granted if we have it.  Other times it is elusive and no matter what… it seems to be just beyond our reach. That is Ok, confidence is not something you ‘reach’, pop it on the wall like a plaque and have it forever. It is a living, breathing, fluctuating energy and it loves attention.

Confidence is that extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want some of that’.




In our society not making eye contact is perceived as hiding something, un-confident and showing low self confidence. That may not be true however it is how it appears.

In saying ‘make eye contact’ I am not suggesting that you stare someone down that is unnerving to a point of rudeness. It is about having the confidence to look a person in the eye when speaking to them some of the time. To really connect, I love eyes, especially when someone’s laughter reaches their eyes.

It can demonstrate happiness, sadness, delight and everything in between. A picture says a thousand words as they say…

Beauty Clearing the eyes eyes, clearing, confidence, fears,security


And of course show a respect for cultural differences. That is another whole subject…

Tips in support of positive eye contact

  • It helps build rapport

  • It shows you are interested

  • It encourages active listening i.e. not jut paying lip service to the person who is speaking to you.

  • When your smile reaches your eyes they sparkle

  • It helps you to moderate what and how you speak by the response you see.

 My passion is to help women utilise all of their attributes in building or boosting their self confidence. To enhance their ability to present themselves to their best and use eye contact for a deeper connection.


A gentle reminder…

Tip 1 Trust and believe in yourself

Tip 2 Smile it is attractive and makes you look confident

Tip 3 Laugh – life does not have an undo button

Tip 4 Breathe – blue is a lovely colour but not on your face

Tip 5 Eye contact is encourages active listening

If my words resonate with you…and if you think you, or a woman you know could benefit from working with me I am seeking women 50+ or even younger who want to boost or build their confidence. Contact me via the website if you think I can help you.

I would be delighted to hear from you.

I would love you to share your thoughts on how effective you consider eye contact to be.

2 comments to The Wisdom Whisperer… Confidence Tip No 5…Eye Contact

  • Suzie Cheel  says:

    Ye Di Eye contact is so important and it amazes me how many people are so fearful of it. Eye contact says. hello, is welcoming. says i love you, it also shows fear and anger.
    Our eyes are amazing. . I love The Wisdom Whisperer from Suzie The Heart Whisperer awesome xx

    • Di  says:

      Thank you Suzie for your slant on eye contact… I am wit you all the way… I love and appreciate your support… cheers Di and the Wisdom Whisperer is about done..2 to go! Hugs Di xxx

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