Have you ever considered the difference between happiness and joy? I Googled away and came up with these answers.

It was not something to which I have given great thought. if you have something to add please do leave a comment.

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Happiness Joy
An emotion and temporary.
It happens to us.  
Joy is an attitude of the heart present inside us as an untapped reservoir of
Outward expression of
An inward peace and contentment.
Externally triggered and based on other people, things, places and thoughts More consistent and cultivated internally when you make peace with who you
are and why you are here.
Comes from
Comes when your heart is in another
Often comes from a victory
for self
Tends to come from the transcendence
of self. It is the present that life gives you as you give away your gifts.  
When you are trying to
pursue happiness, happiness is driven by circumstance
The ability to experience peace and contentment day in day out, regardless of circumstance.
Happiness is allowing our
circumstances to dictate our
Joy is living above your circumstances
Happiness doesn’t share space with other emotions Can share space with other emotions – sadness, joy and anger
It is not present in darkness and difficulty Joy never leaves, it sits with our spirit bringing peace and contentment
Mostly passes right through Requires a connection with people, pets, creation and is present in the

Melly Stewart from ‘Self Connection Journals’ http://www.mellysphotography.com/story/about-mellys/in-the-media/ got me thinking in this today, her words were:
Could Joy be the next level emotion to happiness?

When going about life today ask yourself: –

  • Does it make me happy?
  • Does it bring me joy?

Happiness is good but joy is better. Its smart to enjoy happiness yet smart still to put yourself in situations where you might experience joy.

At last, looking after you

Imagine if… you consciously picked and chose where you put your energy – and found that life is not an exhausting hunt for happiness, but a joyful journey.

If this sparks a thought with you, I invite you to pop over and check out https://diriddell.com/common-questions-about-confidence/