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Di Riddell

Your Voice Matters - Confidence Beyond 50

Archive for August 2013

Is There A Personality Behind Your Handwriting?

…and forget the keyboard!  Personality is not a usual association handwriting is it? I tend to think of  personality as your confidence, character and values…an outer representation of who you are.  Your words, written in your handwriting, expressing your thoughts say a lot more than the mere words that appear on the paper. It seems…

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Whoosh as the ruler descended…. SMACK!

Confident own font

She felt the breeze before the brunt of the metal edge of the wooden ruler hit as it swished through the air before it came crashing down on her knuckles…. the 5 year old eyes watered and  her hand throbbed …what was her crime? Picking up her pencil in her left hand. She did not…

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4 Words That Changed My Life

Only 4 you say!     What were they?     Come and join Toastmasters!     WHAT I screeched..are you out of your mind … me … stand and speak in front of  a group NOT ON YOUR NELLIE!  Not interested.. not going to happen…NO, NO, NO!   Next thing…there I was…dumbfounded as I knew I would be,…

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