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Archive for September 2013

Which me?

That’s ‘which’…not ‘witch’! Just checkin’ that you read it right! This blog has always been about confidence and issues that affect mature women…today is no different as I look into and share further changes in my life. Maybe you are facing a similar challenge…the good news is it is a good one! Now where shall…

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It touched my heart …. you could just feel it!

Confidence caring hearts

  What did? The confidence, openness, support,  encouragement, inspiration and motivation I saw and felt at a Toastmasters meeting this week.   It is about how we see it… Yes I am passionate about this organisation. I have seen it transform people’s lives, provide them with the skills to improve  their professional and personal lives,…

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Confident 100% of the time … Really?

Balance of Confidence

  Have you heard someone say  ‘I am always confident’…really I say?…’Has there never been a time when you were un-confident?   Or the exact opposite ‘I am never confident’…What I ask? Has there never, ever been a time when you were confident?   Why do many of us think confidence is a static state?…

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3½ Things NOT To Do…. and it takes quiet confidence…

Confidence is like Diamonds many facets

  To do what?  Things not to do when interacting with the bereaved…       Society generally does not provide us with the skills to deal with grief. Our confidence can easily desert us when faced with the raw emotions of the grieving  and we either avoid, chatter or try to fix it!!!! If…

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