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Archive for November 2013

Fire and Flames Within and Without

This morning a post on Facebook by the wise gentle and amazing Janet McGeever got me thinking, then moving. I have been procrastinating about my next blog as I share the journey of recovery in my body and my mind. My last blog was just prior to surgery. A few days back I posted…

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It’s Time… Time For My Leap Of Faith

I am opening my heart again today, the time has come… time for my leap of faith. Up on tippy toes ready… For me to be authentic about confidence for women beyond 50 or any age really… then I need to be open about the swirling mass of emotions that have been all encompassing recently.…

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Music…Taking You To Places You Can Only Dream Of.

Have you ever heard a piece of music and suddenly you are way back in time? What is it that about music that can instantly transport us to a person, place or event yesterday, last year or years ago. It causes you to break into a smile as wonderful exciting, stimulating, happy memories flood through…

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It’s Not All About The Horses…She Said With Confidence!

  Hello readers I have been flitting around lately and here I am back and feeling frivolous  today. And a tiny bit wicked…I do say the little horns you see are simply there to keep my halo straight! Indeed the Melbourne Cup is not all about the horses and I can say with confidence I…

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