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Archive for December 2013

A Great Question… Is Control A Positive Or A Negative?

The words ‘A negative’ flew confidently and immediately from my mouth when I was asked this question recently.     Then the clanger…. ‘What if control could be a positive”? ‘What else is possible?’   Your turn…If you were asked that question what would your immediate answer be? Since then I have been mulling it…

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Red, Red and more…Red!

  Did you know that red is the colour of confidence and sex appeal, strength and energy, Then just imagine what a touch of red lipstick and undies can do! Are you feeling a little down and wrung out at the moment? Are life’s challenges getting to you? Put on your big girl panties (red),…

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When It Feels Like Life Is Falling Apart…And It’s Christmas.

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  We have this ‘societal norm’ that all is calm, peaceful, happy and loving at Christmas. And it can be, in fact it is wonderful when that happens…and it takes a special kind of confidence to speak out… when it is not happening. Just as well I am not wired for brain activity.. it would…

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Energy In Motion – Is Yours Flowing?

  Emotions are energy in motion – feelings and emotions are meant to be felt then allowed to move freely through us. Yet how many of us hold on, allow them to build to bursting point and then explode? Confidence is also an extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. It…

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