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Archive for March 2014

And I thought I was just having hair cut…

  Pamela Anderson — remember her? — did you know that she cut her hair short late last year. After my last blog post a friend came back to me with a reference to Pamela and short hair… I failed to see any connection… try Goggling he said…so I did!     Pamela Anderson —now…

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Comfort Zone…What Comfort Zone?

          Stepping out of your comfort zone… Does it take confidence? Does it take resilience? Or does it take ‘grunt?’   My take on Confidence is that it is the extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know it when you see it…and say ‘I want…

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You, Dating Again Di…and, Why Not? Came My Confident Reply?

fear, anxiety, confidence, no confidentce

  The burning question is…was I this forthright and confident when I started? Noooooooo.. and that is the reason I decided on this post. Maybe you to have hit the time when you are contemplating or starting back on the dating scene . There can and is a multitude of reasons that you may be…

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Standing In Your Power As A Woman

confidence, knowing, compassion, strength, warmth, caring

It is said the words we choose reflect our state of mind… today I am reflective yet I feel confident as I stand and say I am ‘unashamedly me’! And yes I am standing in my power.   Confidence really is that extraordinary energy in you that is attractive, strong, vibrant and engaging. You know…

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Stay Ups Around The Ankles Just Don’t Cut The Mustard!

  Girls, I have a question…and I say that with confidence…those of us of a certain age…   ‘Have you stopped to think how ‘being well dressed’ has changed over the years? And not that many years really (well not in my mind anyway). I invite you to come for a trip down memory lane …

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Drunk On The Moon

    I stumble innocent down the rabbit hole; emerge; transformed and drunk on the light of inspiration.  Article 2014 by Denise Moser Airports have an effect on my reading radar.  It seems I can’t get on a plane without a book.  Over the years the selection has improved to the point where sometimes they…

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