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Archive for April 2014

The Inner Perfectionist…my I.P.

wisdom, reflection, insights

    OOhhh how confident, strong, fiery, stubborn and determined she was. How I held her, the I.P. is the highest esteem and pushed myself beyond all reasonable and unreasonable levels seeking to attain perfection. You know how it goes unrealistic time frames, unrealistic expectations, comparing myself and coming up short, thinking when something went…

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I Am … Well Frustration Covers It Well.

stepping up, steping beyond, self belief, self esteem, self confidence

Noooooooooooo not that sort girls… it is when you confidently think I can do ‘this’ (imagine a drop down menu and insert challenge). I often say it is best to have a strategy for handling challenges. If you solve a challenge and another comes along it can throw you completely.   It has become obvious…

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