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Archive for May 2014

Why Women 50+ Are The New Black

Why? There has never been a better time to be 50+…a time to confidently embrace and enhance the style, spirit and succulence of aging. From talking to mature girls it is like it’s time, time for us…. we have raised our families, done our bit for the community, been or still doing the wife scenario…

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When Friendships Send You Running For Cover.

  When… the time is now… There comes a time when you can confidently say friendship has passed the test of time. 37 years seems a fair test of time to me. And what got me going on the topic? A visit to Mackay recently, and a call to a lady Mavis May who joined…

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If Only I Could Talk To Her… My Mum Today Or Any Day.

  My Mum passed away in 2001, no matter what she was always my greatest champion. She was not a confident lady in the outside world, nor even at home due to family circumstances. Yet no matter what she was there for me, interested in everything I did, celebrated every achievement…and she was the most…

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A New Interest…Did She… Or Didn’t She?

I walked into the room confident on the outside… slightly nervous on the inside. It was darkish, low lighting, a low level buzz just heard above the movie images on a TV screen definitely not from Mary Poppins. Head bent over a guy lying face down on a table was my grandson Joel … the…

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