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Archive for June 2014

Woohoo Social Media Day

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Can you imagine a life today without social media? It has changed our lives especially when we choose to embrace it with confidence. In the spirit of technologies it connect us and brings us together on and offline. Social media gets a bad wrap, however it is not all negative… so let’s look at some…

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There is always more learning

  Hi everyone… oohh I am forever on steep learning curve today it is with the gorgeous Sarah from a blogging group showing me more effective ways to promote my blog. Wooohooo here I go.. if you have not stepped up today…go have a go…whatever that means to you… cheers Di

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5 Reasons To Talk Openly And Confidently About Incontinence

mature women,confidence, aelf esteem, confidence, self econfidence

  OK time to be real girls, time to speak with confidence about a subject that often is brushed under the carpet… hidden, shameful and seldom discussed.  It is time to bring it out, look it in the eye and if it is an issue takes steps to fix it. Yep…incontinence… and this week is…

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Blog On Tour! Just Like Life… You Never Know Where It Will Take You.

  My blogging journey started with re-connecting with the wonderful Helen Barber from the Sunshine Coast. You know how it goes – you re-connect with someone, meet for coffee, share stories, share lots of laughter and it snow balls. Next thing I knew I was in there… writing in a very different way…   This…

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‘Thank You’… 2 Of The Most Powerful Words

  In today’s fast paced world have you noticed how pleasantries like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ are slipping  away? Have you said ‘it’? Have you said ‘thank you’ to someone today? I am saying thank you to the amazing networker Terri Cooper  for inviting me to an event this morning that sparked this blog…

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My Mojo Went A.W.O.L. Today…

  Yep, out the window it went along with my confidence, self esteem, sensuality and every other attribute my busy little mind can conjure up. Woo… how did that happen? Was there a real reason?  Not really… nothing concrete that is just how the day was panning out. Sometimes we just need a hug or…

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