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Di Riddell

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Archive for July 2014

Celebrating Stepfamilies

  Hell….p       I’m a Stepmother. Have you any idea how I felt? The day I woke to the realisation I was actually a step-mother…it took 2 years to happen… from a blind date with Les to our marriage. It was not like it was a rash decision… Nothing in life had prepared…

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5 Ideas From Coco Chanel’s Spin On Femininity

pearls feminism and confidence

Even mentioning the word feminist can raise hackles…  are we talking about equality in  the workplace, reproductive rights and what is empowering to women. Or is it the ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ angle?  Young feminists rage about old feminist who sniff that if it hadn’t been for their bra burning generation feminism…

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