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Archive for October 2014

Our Grandparents…reflections on how confident were they?

grandmother, confidece

  Today is Grandparent day….The word grandparent conjures up the image of a little old lady (I use this phrase in jest about myself, the most common response from friends and family is a snort of laughter). OK back to business… a little old lady sort a Miss Marple type…all sugar and spice and softness.…

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Denim And Lace… And A Little Bit Of Bling!

  Denim and Lace… A trip down memory lane today girls…Who remembers the Marty Rhone’s song ‘Denim and Lace’…taking you right back to the TV show Countdown in 1975 – you can even take a  peek at the YouTube clip – Music and lyrics tap into our emotions, memories and experiences… it flips you…

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Who Would Have Thought The Humble Thong…

thongs confidence, style, class, casual blingal

  Who would have thought I could write a blog post on thongs! You may even be thinking get a life woman! However here I am and I thought it was time for a little lightness and even a giggle or two.     A few facts. Thongs are recognised as an Aussie staple summer…

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