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Archive for January 2015

Domestic Violence The Elephant In The Room

domestic violence, confidnece, self esteem, anxiety

  Are You Safe? Are You Immune? Are You Aware? Domestic violence is that ‘silent thing’ that happens to other people –  right? It is nothing to do with us – right? Let’s pretend it didn’t happen – right? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! It is the silent stalker (it is there watching and waiting) or it is the…

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5 Confidence Tips from My Lips

Confidence, tips, self esteem, confident women

  Don’t we all love tips and hints… something to add to our day, something to make us smile or that extra something that we can add to our ”amazing women’s life kit’. Yes you are already an amazing and multi-talented woman. Often what we read is a reminder.. seeing it again re-enforces, reminds and…

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The Snake And I…

fear, nervous, confdentwomen

  Rather like my wife and I…only different. Today is a light hearted sharing of a memorable experience…so memorable that I thought I had already posted it…when in fact I hadn’t,  in fact I had not even written it! My memories are so vivid I thought it was done. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? It…

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Speaking up and speaking out…just for you!

Speak up, speak out, confidence, your voice matters

  Are you a woman who wants to stand up with confidence and share your message?  Is something holding you back? I have been there… sweaty palms, what of they think I am silly, dry mouth, nervous twitters in the tummy. you stand then forget what you meant to say… I wanted to do it…it…

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5 Ways Confident Speaking Will Brighten Your 2015

Confiednt women nervousness women 50+

    1. You will be fabulous Speaking confidently is a ‘must have’ accessory and being confident is the best make up you can wear. That inner glow will put a spring in your step, you will stand taller, breathe more deeply which allows your confidence to shine.  2. You are able to express yourself…

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