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Archive for February 2015

The Naked Truth… NO HAIR!

Confident self esteem, low self esteem, baldness,

   ‘I hate my hair’…how many times have you heard that from someone with a beautiful head of hair?  Yes, I admit that over the years I have uttered those words. We really do identify ourselves by our hair. Why is that? We look in the mirror every day and see that crowning glory, we…

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Going Grey Taboos You Should Break

grey hair, aging, confideece, vitality, self esteem, mature women women 50+

  Does the thought and signs that you are going grey send you to the dark side? If so let’s chat about it and rattle the ‘going grey skeleton’. And if we are going to rattle it then let’s make it dance. The grey or coloured debate rages around us – shall I colour it…

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