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Archive for August 2015

Is A Confident Woman Perfect or Is She Standing In Her Power?

confidence, power, self esteem, self belief

  What makes a woman confident? What is it that gets her out there helping others? Is she superwoman? Is she untouchable? Is she perfect? Does she stand in her power or her shadow?     No she is not perfect, she is just like any other woman who has moved through challenges – sometimes…

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Leftie’s Are Best… It Takes Confidence To Say that!

confidence, fear, anxious, left handedness, lack confidnece

  Yes I am a proud left hander, yes I have suffered and yes I have survived and prospered with my sense of humour intact in a right handed world. Survive you say…would you believe over 2,500 left handed people are killed every year using equipment made for right- handed people. There is no denying…

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