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Archive for October 2015

And so – it comes to pass – that all we ask for shall be granted.

talk, conversation, made eye contact

  I am delighted today to have an amazing and talented guest blogger… Jaki Mac, the Queen of Abundance. Thank you lovely lady for your contribution. Jaki and I met through a Facebook group and a monkey survey. Don’t you just love connections! Now over to Jaki.       And so – it comes to…

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Do You Know How Long 20 Seconds Can Be?

worry, anxiety, self confidence, confident women

  Last Saturday I was a contestant in a speech contest…it did not go as I planned. And guess what the sun still came up on Sunday, it was not the end of the world! I learned a valuable lesson – no matter what happens…stick there and just do it. As I am writing, the…

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9 Tips On Emotional Wellness That Will Change Your Life

emotional wellness, confidence, self worth, self esteem

  This week is Mental Health Week. A time of raising awareness of that insidious, hidden away concept that mental un-wellness is somehow a major flaw in our personality. Why is it that we talk about our medical woes, take medication to help a physical disease and engender masses of sympathy yet when it comes…

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