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Archive for August 2017

Reflections and Insights on Three Things Louise Hay Taught Me

self reflection, self love, self belief

Today as I reflect on Louise Hay and my personal journey, I am very grateful for this woman who positively impacted the lives of many people. I bless you Louise for your powerful presence and contribution. In fact I popped over to my bookcase to see what I had there, the 3 titles that jumped…

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5 Tips For Writing and Speaking Authentically

Confidence, authentic, self belief, wirting, speaking

      1. Speak and write in your own voice When I started to write and deliver speeches 40 years ago, I worried that what I had to say was not important, that no one would interested and set about copying the style of what I thought people wanted to hear. The result of…

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5 Proven Things To Be More Energised

joy, happiness, self care, happiness, confidence

      Some days I wake up simply wanting more energy and wonder where mine had gone. They are usually the days I have not followed my own advice. Has that happened to you? Are you cringing and thinking ‘Yep, she is speaking to me’. And…did you know that there are energy stealers out…

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3 Tips to Avoid Absorbing Negative Emotions

Emotions, negative self talk, lack confidence, communication

  Emotions do affect communication between people. We often absorb some of the emotions of the people we come in contact with and we may even experience a change in our own mood even if nothing has happened to us. You may even think what on earth happened that I suddenly feel drained of energy?…

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