Where was my confidence in my hour of need?  I found it languishing beneath 3,000 words… 300 words. When I read that I thought.. no way… I am way, way too verbose… what can I say in 300 words?  Quite a lot I now believe… more on that later…

Today I am sharing about an amazing young lady I met some years ago, she knew she had something to offer and wow has she proved it!

Emily Gower, a writer and a word artist now has her  own publishing company and I am thrilled, blessed and excited to be a part of her latest project. As part of the support Emily pops up gems frequently to keep us motivated as I pour over the word count silently willing it to reduce automatically! .

Emily’s gem today is around gratitude and presence.


Emily image in support of Inspiration Bible

I hope you enjoy her words… as she demonstrates an effective use of 300 words.

Gratitude and presence are two of the most powerful states of being from which to write your piece for the book. They are hands-down the most powerful. I am deeply open-hearted tonight, and here is what just came out of me (AND, it is less than 300 words! ):

“Life is made up of moments; fleeting seconds in the ocean of time. We are so focused on ‘things’ that we forget that getting those things is just part of another moment – another fleeting second of life. It is how we spend our seconds, our minutes, and our hours that contribute to how we spend our lives. It is how we experience life in those moments that makes up what we know about life; and to what level we feel we lived thoroughly, fully, with nothing left and everything gained on the last day we breathe.

When you are struggling, ask yourself how many seconds of your life you want to spend this way. When you are complaining, ask yourself how many seconds of your life you want to spend this way. When you are comparing yourself to someone else, ask yourself how many seconds of your life you want to spend this way. When you are regretting, judging, fretting, worrying, ask yourself how many seconds of your life you want to spend this way.

A second lived is a second spent. Spend them wisely. Save the seconds ahead of you for the most precious of all experiences. Allow life to unpredictably surprise you with its hidden blessings. Allow the way you step through the seconds of your life to lead you on a path that you soon realize is your destiny. Meet God. Explore the Universe. Understand yourself. Share what’s inside your heart with others. Accept the gift of every second. Change the nature of the next one if you want, with a new thought, a different choice, a new philosophy about life.

They’re yours. All the seconds. For the rest of your life.”

So – look after your heart and soul, and the words will follow. TRUST yourself.

Emily Gowor

The project is inviting 365 people to share in 300 words their inspiration. I feel blessed and excited to a part of Emily’s ‘Inspiration Bible’  as she continues to create her special magic in this world. with her words. Emily is wise beyond her years.

There is still time.. if you have something you are burning to share here is the link.   www.inspirationbible.com


Inspiration Bible confidence and inspiraton

And just to keep me interested and motivated.. my cover photo…now I simply need to complete my contribution. Easy she says…. 300 words.. not a bother.. as she struggles to slip under the 500 words barrier…you can do it Di… you know you can!


Di Riddell photo cover...with confidence

My question for you is… what could you share in 300 words?  

                                                                                            I would love to hear your story…

Warm regards Di Confidence Coach for Women 50+

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