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A Blank Mind…Not Empty…Just Blank!


Now I am on my de-clutter journey BIG TIME!


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Create a space they say…the Universe can’t abide a vacuum they say… I have just had 2 amazing phone calls… feeling so energised and grateful!

Today…confidence is writing what my heart thinks…when I can find it. My mind is blank….dry… maybe I shredded it with the paper…so I thought if I simply started thoughts might just flow.

My vulnerability is showing and you know what?  that is OK! I find when you are willing to show your vulnerability it gives others an opening to do the same. They see you as a human with foibles just like them.

Looking back it as about 4 years ago that I had my first major de-clutter – what I remember was a feeling of lightness and space – that’s a fact, I could see it. Accompanying the physical loss was a huge emotional shift and a lot of things changed after that..

Back then I was rushing, hurrying and pushing myself…like it had to be done soon, today, yesterday (yes that is a trait of mine) and I don’t remember a feeling of peace or fulfillment. Just happy and delighted it was done and I wanted it done NOW!

This time although I have done only a small amount, it was significant because I started in the office …I am feeling a sense of peace and fulfillment flowing through me. It is like a gift to myself.

If she was quiet and listened..new parts of her wanted to speak… this  happens when  you embrace being quiet and calm..and listen.


child - the wisdom and confidence hidden

Today as I continue to clear out my office, OMG the paperwork that has gone out by the basket load…the recycle bin got a good workout this week and that is just the start… this morning I completed the filing cabinets.

This time I don’t feel the need to rush. This is my life I am dealing with, it is OK to stop and reflect. And reflect I have in the last 2 days I have achieved little in the de-cluttering stakes. Today I was motivated and was in here like a shot about 6am ready to rock and roll.

Yes I am feeling the lightness, I feel the energy shift and I can see the space…yet my mind feels blank. I am finding it a challenge to write and it is about a week since I blogged… today is the day I said to myself!

So here I am…. a blank mind! I posted these words on Facebook a few days ago…. I think they are still relevant. Simply writing… trust in yourself and have faith…


Confidence is writing what my heart thinks

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a workshop facilitated by the awesome Naomi Smith. One of my stand outs for the day was a suggestion that we try replacing ‘success’ with ‘fulfillment’. That sat well with me then.

Today…confidence is writing what my heart thinks… I am back to de-cluttering big time (as started last week). Another basket of paperwork is out of the filing cabinet and into the recycle bin now 3/4 full).

In doing so I went through a folder of ‘beautiful words that others have been expressed to and about me over the past 50 years. OMG that makes me sound ancient… however them’s the facts!

I have ‘judged’ myself over the past 12 years since the death of my husband as a ‘failure’ because there was not a huge ‘financial success’ in my endeavours.

If I pop the word ‘fulfillment’ in there in place of ‘success’…then I made a huge difference in many lives, in many ways as a friend, family, Toastmaster mentor, a Toastmaster at every level through to International, coaching, women who have been through ‘ stuff’, as MC for events local to National, MC for wedding receptions, self published author of ‘Beyond Abuse’ and confidence and sensuality for mature women….

It has been and continues to be an amazing and phenomenal journey for me…does it make me feel fulfilled? Bloody oath it does!

The days clearing out has left me feeling exquisitely exhausted…I have let go of so much today. Reflected, enjoyed, felt loved and released… now it is time for a quiet wine… it has been so hot even a cool bubble bath appeals…

That about says it all… listen and follow your heart.


Listen to your heart

Warm regards Di…and what …you are asking… does this woman do?

I am passionate about mature women having the confidence and personal presentation to support their life choices.

If that is not happening for you…let me help you…

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