Most people who put themselves ‘out there’ especially on emotional or controversial subjects are likely to attract ‘hate mail’.

Putting yourself out there…on a a limb

Yes, initially it hurts, you feel like biting back. That is what trolls want, to know they have upset you, moved you to anger and posting an unguarded response.

In the video below is the most beautiful response to a ‘hate comment’ on her blog. Now it is a recipe blog, however, in this post, she is speaking about herself and is being vulnerable, raw and real.

Be That Person

I got this comment on my blog: "You look like you are 70 with your gray hairs. You really should dye them for TV so you don't look like such an old hag." My response is a recipe for life.More ➡️

Posted by The Stay At Home Chef on Thursday, 11 April 2019

What a wonderful woman to do that. To show resilience, her courage and self.

Does her voice matter? You betcha!

This video touched me, it brought back memories of a ‘hate’ comment that was posted when I was sharing my personal story on my blog. Yes, I was shocked and hurt. The comment intimated that they knew me, that I had made up the story of my violent alcoholic dad, the rape, pregnancy and adoption. That I was seeking sympathy by ‘pretending’ it had happened.

However, after speaking to support friends I wrote and posted my response, here it is. I was not doing videos then.

My response to the negative post – Yes, I deleted two comments before I thought through my response …and I am unable to restore them…however I feel compelled to reply…

In our world, we wear a variety of masks, and we move them around. We all like to be seen at our best. And sometimes, in that process, we push another’s buttons! I have done so with this reader.

The masks we wear and change around

At all times I honour the choices made by any reader, hence my decision to try and re-instate the messages, however as I said I was unable. That first inclination to delete was a knee jerk reaction from my old way of reacting. My life experiences have taken me on many rough roads, this is another. I am facing this ‘hump’ with confidence in who and what I am.   

Yes, I acknowledge my first response was to delete a negative comment, the first in 7,000- page views of blog posts. As open as I am, it isn’t always easy to be who I am in public, warts and all.  No one is 100% confidently perfect, all the time. The comments brought up my vulnerability and rocked me initially. 

Honesty and integrity are important in social media, and as that is where I have chosen to play… then I chose to respond. Confidence, what I stand for is demonstrated in being able to express yourself openly….so I stand and speak for who I am unashamedly.

It saddens me that a person who says they know me would feel the need to hide behind anonymity… if they know me why not come and speak to me?   

Again, I honour your choices in your writing and thank you for your point of view.

Does my voice matter? You betcha!

When I stopped, grounded myself, remembered to breathe, remembered what other people think and say about me is none of my business – I was able to respond by speaking from my heart.

Have you been hurt by comments?
Have you had hate mail that hit right at the heart?
How did you react?

To you the reader, your voice matters. I would love to hear your experiences, do share them as you express your truths with confidence, grace and power.

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