I wrote a letter to my 2 mothers over a decade ago. Both have left this mortal coil, but they each have a place in my heart.

A Letter to Two Mothers – a son gives thanks

Let me start, mother, by saying that I am in a unique position. Most people only have one mother. I have two. I am adopted.

This year is a bit sad. For it was on 13 April last year that you, Audrey, my birth mum could fight a sad battle no longer. My ‘mother count’ reduced to one. I didn’t even know of your death until two weeks later. That doesn’t mean I don’t have two mums, though. It just means you’re in Heaven while mum is here.

Having two mums is something I never understood until I was married. I’d always accepted from you, Mum (for adopting me), that I was someone special, because it took the combined efforts of two special women to bring me into this world and to bring me up. If you like, it was a relay race. As my birth mum, Audrey, you so easily could have had me aborted, but chose instead to carry me for nine months of hard labour. That entailed months of secrecy and silent pain, with the knowledge that soon after my birth you would no longer be a part of my life. From that time on, we would be apart.

So, the baton was passed from one mother to the next. O, yes, it was through a beaurocracy and papers were filled out and examinations were held to see who would have me. But as much as it was the effort of a government bureau to ensure I was adopted by fit and proper people, I believe there was another who had His hand on the paperwork, the process and systems so that the right people became my mum and dad.

Mum, you saw me when I was barely a few weeks old. Dark haired from the start, you and dad had waited years to come to the point of holding me. In your early forties at the time, it is now inconceivable how with the current age restrictions, they allowed you to adopt me. Yet, in God’s Providence, that’s what happened and I went home to live as part of a family. The name you chose for me was the same I was given by my birth mum … Robert. Not often seen, but a demonstration that each of you had a special part to play in my bringing and upbringing.

On Sunday, you will celebrate your forty-sixth Mother’s Day, Mum. Audrey, although you succumbed to cancer last year, you will always live on in my heart. You each had a hand in helping me find where I am today.

And to each of you, I simply say two words: Thank You.

Robert, named by two of the most beautiful ladies who ever lived.

Who is Robert to me? Therein lies a story. Robert is a cousin just discovered by my partner Pete. he discovered Robert when tracing his family history. Who helped him? A lady, Lauren, in New Zealand, who ran a group through the library near where we were holidaying.

What a sequence of events, Pete tracing his family history, he stumbles onto this group, Lauren, offers to help him, she spent hours in that pursuit. In the process finds 2 cousins in Brisbane, Robert and Sandy.

Pete made contact and we have met. how exciting that was for all of them. Adding another twist both Robert and sandy are adopted. When I saw Roberts post, I asked if I could share it.

Adoption has many twists and turns, there are wonderful stories and those less wonderful. This is a super wonderful, Robert is expressing his truth with grace and power.

Why does it touch my heart? because last year I found and met my daughter, the one I thought I would never see, hear or touch 50 years ago.

Life works in mysterious ways, the tapestry of life is rich and rare.

if you or someone you know has been touched by adoption and would like to share their story with me please leave a comment or PM me on Facebook

.My adoption story is on this website https://diriddell.com/my-adoption-story/ As we bring our stories to light it is healing our collective hearts