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Why Life Gets Better After 50

My thoughts on an article that life gets better after 50. That in life we have natural highs and lows. that does not mean there is anything wrong with us

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OORFL it was! But is Technology Terror really, really awful?

There was not a grain of confidence was in evidence…overwhelm, disbelief, worry flooded through me as I sat, pulling my hair out when the computer had a hissy fit, that means it won’t do what I want. Why had my confidence and common sense deserted me? Because I had just had the most ‘technological terror-…

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A Letter to My 2 Mothers with Love, a son gives thanks.

I wrote a letter to my 2 mothers over a decade ago. Both have left this mortal coil, but they each have a place in my heart. A Letter to Two Mothers – a son gives thanks Let me start, mother, by saying that I am in a unique position. Most people only have one…

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SILENCE… and LISTENING are powerful words.

Do you struggle with silence between people?
Do you ever regret saying something?
Can you distinguish between saying something of value and saying something for the sake of speaking?
What is the difference for you?

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What Do You Get A 90 Year Old For Her Birthday?

What was I going to do for my Mum for her 90th birthday? After living away for many years, I returned to my home town where Mum was in a retirement village. She had had a hard life and for many years little joy and happiness. I was about to remedy that. For her 84th…

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