Beyond Abuse

A Recovery Guide for Men and Women in an Era of Me, and All of Us, Too

Are you caught in the cycle of abuse?  Or is someone you know and love in an abusive relationship?


Speaking from my heart to your heart act now… before it is too late.

‘Beyond Abuse’, is a recovery guide for men and women in an era of me and all of us too.

This book is an inspirational self- help read for anyone who has been affected by any kind of abuse- mental, physical, sexual, non- violent within a marriage, or harassment.

The key word is ‘beyond’, this book has tips and strategies for living life differently. You can’t do that if you maintain the same mindset as that of a victim.

 When women and men experience trauma or severe life stressors including sexual abuse, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Acclaimed Australian motivational speaker Di Riddell’s great passion is showing you that you can re-activate and tap into your inner confidence and self-esteem bringing new energy and joy into your life, so you can know yourself as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

Abuse knows no boundaries: it has many faces and wears different masks. The new edition of BEYOND ABUSE contains Di’s advice for abuse victims in modern times of both genders and nine original stories contributed from real men and women of all ages.

Mental and physical abuse has been happening before #metoo exposed it as an unfortunate everyday occurrence. Di is a mature woman whose passion is living with confidence after healing from sexual abuse. She shows a real and authentic approach to life and shares freely her incredible experiences, turning lemons into lemonade.

With a fresh approach and early intervention buying Di’s book could save your sanity, your life or the life of someone you love.

Be early, be quick, a copy could be yours by clicking on the link below.