‘Writing and publishing a book, in this case, “Speak Out’ is an amazing, engaging, heart-stopping and fantastic thing to do. This is my 3rd book and is titled “Speak Out – suppressed to expressed in 9 vital steps’. It is a practical guide to making your voice matter.

Did I do it alone?

Who helped me? My book club. because, last year after being part of the ‘Get Known Be Seen Authors Expo’ an opportunity arose to write a book in a group, have weekly Zoom calls to support us along the way and a set of Masterclasses for a deeper understanding for effective writing for the creation of ‘Speak Out’.

Who is she? Deborah Fay from Disruptive Publishing and here she is giving me my proof copy. I was so very excited to have it in my hot little hands.

Writing a book is a process, from idea, thoughts, ideas, planning an outline, writing, refining, getting feedback to the completion of your writing. Now that sounds simple, there is a little blood, sweat, and tears mixed in there (that’s when the book club girls are superb support). Then there is the absolute excitement, a thrill when everything flows.

I was remembering when I did not have a voice, where I had no power. I remembered how difficult that was, how frustrating and disheartening.

Then there is the absolute excitement, a thrill when everything flows. “

Now I had a few hiccoughs in life, that happens. So, It’s OK to stop, it’s OK to reflect, it’s OK to wait for the storms to pass. In fact, by waiting I was processing what became further content for my book. ‘Speak Out’ was a great title frm which I could choose. I was doing a good job of berating myself, yet it really gave me emotional empowerment when I did not lose hope.

My point of power is in the heart of the feminine

You get to think who shall I ask to write the forward for ‘Speak Out’? I chose the amazing Julie Cross, an Inspirational Speaker who embodies speaking out and acknowledging that your voice matters.

An excerpt from her forward says “When I think about my own life and the healing of my emotional wounds so that I could find my voice… the search I went on reading and studying so many personal development books, looking for strategies to firstly own my stories, my pain and my life, and then trying to work out how to have the courage to fall in love with myself all over again so that I would know that I was worth the work… and then to find the balance between those strategies that engaged my thinking and those that nurtured my heart.

Well, it was quite a search and what I love about this is that Di has it all right here in one book! What I love about this book is it is a wonderful combination of storytelling and action steps. For us to make real change and step up into our story and claim our voice we need to connect to the emotion of knowing we are worth it and then engage and upgrade our thinking. Di leads us through this beautifully. Julie.

It was starting to feel real.

Then, the time came. Ready for editing. To gain testimonials to put in the first print I asked several trusted friends to read and edit and comment. Those amazing words touched my heart.

An example of a testimonial from Trish Springsteen goes…

Your Voice Matters is a very clear well-structured book that takes you step by step on your journey to finding your voice and speaking up. Love Di’s use of her own stories highlighting her journey to speak up. Her use of questions throughout the book makes you stop and think about where you are and where you are going. This brings a unique interactive element to the book.

Di follows this up by incorporating exercises – simple but pertinent exercises that help you on your journey. I also love that Di has included links to videos.

My favourite chapter is Chapter 3 on Embracing Change. There is so much in this chapter to help you understand, accept and move forward with change – something that each of can relate to.

Congratulations Di Riddell on a well-structured very practical book that covers everything you need to discover Your Voice and speak up.

Trish Springsteen
Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts

Choosing the book cover

Then the book cover. I thought I knew what I wanted… however after sound advice, I settled on the image you see at the top of the blog. Clean, strong and eye-catching.

Now I am at the point where the book has gone off for printing. It is done!


Now – for the book launch. It’s well underway and set for November 30th 2019.


This book answers questions about what holds you back from being fully self-expressed without being overwhelmed with a unique blend of stories and strategies. And it is an elixir for all kinds of emotional ailments and guides you to connect with the knowing that you are worth it.

I am super excited as the date of November 30th approaches.         

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Have you thought about writing your story? If not you might consider it. You may not wish to publish, you may write for family, for yourself or for the world.

2 things I would like you to do

There are 2 things I would like you to do…
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