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What Does Your Social Media Voice Say?

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Does it paint the world as rosy, rosy, rosy? Does it paint the world as blue, blue, blue? Are you somewhere in between? Or are you squirming quietly in your chair? Learning the art and surviving caravanning is part of my life right now. You know, you see pictures of people’s travels (that includes mine)…

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You can HEAL from Betrayal and LOVE your LIFE again

If you are dedicated to improving the quality of your life and cultivating more happiness and peace – then KEEP READING this email. I have a HUGE surprise for you, that I think you’re going to love…..AND its 100% free, as a GIFT from me, simply because I think you’re worth it.     Have…

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Accidental Author

I am an accidental author. It never crossed my mind to write a book.   My background was nursing, writing especially writing creatively was not part of the job description. 40 years ago I joined Toastmasters and began writing speeches. Most of those for 5-7mins. Not exactly committed writing is it? Yet reading has always…

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‘I love technology, technology loves me’

‘I love technology, technology loves me’ That was my chant for years as I said the words over and over, and there were rivers of tears to accompany it. Gradually they grew less and I improved. At this moment I am a part of a 3 UA group Writing for Pleasure , this week out…

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Dinner with a Difference

  Let’s start with a question… Have you ever not done something for a while, then when you do it you remember how much pleasure it gave you?   I did! It was hosting a dinner party. It’s so long since I did that. For some crazy reason I stopped entertaining after the death of…

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The Gift of Confidence After The Ravages Of Rape

Have you ever been sitting in a cafe and watched a confident woman walk towards you, she stands tall and straight, she walks at an easy flowing pace, she has a lovely smile on her face – she just looks confident and comfortable in her own skin. She owns the space around her. Have you…

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No one NEEDS Toastmasters

  I am so often asked about Toastmasters, why I joined, why I stayed…especially now it is 40 years own the track. This is a great time for me to reflect on my personal journey, a time to remember how scary it was to walk in that room, how scary it was to stand and…

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A Top Tip To Boost Your Confidence On A Down Day?

TIP – Choose one thing, just one thing that makes your heart sing and do it.   This is for the days when you feel the world is against you, you feel tired and weary, you wonder where your confidence has gone just when you need it. If that is you today, stop for a…

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Heels Heels and Higher Heels

      For those of us in maturity is was almost ‘expected’ that we would be well dressed, we would be ladies, we would wear proper underwear, stockings and HIGH HEELS! It will make you look and feel confident they said!  I took to that like a duck to water was all of the…

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