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Di Riddell

Your Voice Matters - Confidence Beyond 50

Light & Laughter

Who Remembers black and white photos and TV?

power of black and white, sharp and clear

Remember when black and white photographs and early TV were considered the best?

Remember when colour photos and colour TV were introduced? How excited we all were?

Remember how black and white photos and black and white TV were considered old hat?

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What Did We Do Before Technology – on the lighter side

talk, conversation, made eye contact

Every second Thursday I am thrilled to be part of a 3UA Writing for Pleasure Group. We are led by Margaret Hede an amazingly compassionate and supportive lady. Each fortnight we have a topic, write on it and share in the group. I am amazed at how one topic can take so many different twists. It is…

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The Snake And I…

fear, nervous, confdentwomen

  Rather like my wife and I…only different. Today is a light hearted sharing of a memorable experience…so memorable that I thought I had already posted it…when in fact I hadn’t,  in fact I had not even written it! My memories are so vivid I thought it was done. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? It…

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Use It Or Lose It…. Like How Long Is It Since You Cooked A Chook?

confidence charred chook

  Doesn’t it drive you crazy when someone says ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’? Especially when you know they are right. Last weekend I lost what I had not used… cooking a chook for the first time in years ‘happened’ to me. ‘Happened’ is rather a vague word to use here. It…

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Doing It Differently… Camping With Confidence

camping, confidence, fun, fidderent.

  Last Friday I popped up a FB post with the words… How long is it since you stopped, played, put your love glasses on and did something different? I believe being involved, having a go and being prepared to laugh at myself. It is what keeps me young at heart… now to put that…

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Who Would Have Thought The Humble Thong…

thongs confidence, style, class, casual blingal

  Who would have thought I could write a blog post on thongs! You may even be thinking get a life woman! However here I am and I thought it was time for a little lightness and even a giggle or two.     A few facts. Thongs are recognised as an Aussie staple summer…

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Love, Light, Laughter & Lessons From Our Furry Friends….

lessons from animals

  Today I am about love, light and laughter. My last couple of posts have been on a serious note…so I decided it was time to lighten up. What better way than to reflect on the wonderful furry friends that have given me un-conditional love and much light and laughter. They have even taught me…

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A New Interest…Did She… Or Didn’t She?

I walked into the room confident on the outside… slightly nervous on the inside. It was darkish, low lighting, a low level buzz just heard above the movie images on a TV screen definitely not from Mary Poppins. Head bent over a guy lying face down on a table was my grandson Joel … the…

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