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I Am … Well Frustration Covers It Well.

stepping up, steping beyond, self belief, self esteem, self confidence

Noooooooooooo not that sort girls… it is when you confidently think I can do ‘this’ (imagine a drop down menu and insert challenge). I often say it is best to have a strategy for handling challenges. If you solve a challenge and another comes along it can throw you completely.   It has become obvious…

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And I thought I was just having hair cut…

  Pamela Anderson — remember her? — did you know that she cut her hair short late last year. After my last blog post a friend came back to me with a reference to Pamela and short hair… I failed to see any connection… try Goggling he said…so I did!     Pamela Anderson —now…

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Stay Ups Around The Ankles Just Don’t Cut The Mustard!

  Girls, I have a question…and I say that with confidence…those of us of a certain age…   ‘Have you stopped to think how ‘being well dressed’ has changed over the years? And not that many years really (well not in my mind anyway). I invite you to come for a trip down memory lane …

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Whoosh as the ruler descended…. SMACK!

Confident own font

She felt the breeze before the brunt of the metal edge of the wooden ruler hit as it swished through the air before it came crashing down on her knuckles…. the 5 year old eyes watered and  her hand throbbed …what was her crime? Picking up her pencil in her left hand. She did not…

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