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9 Great Reasons to Keep a List

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  Ok, I know there are those out there who say ‘I have an amazing memory I never forget‘…then we get the ones who say ‘lists make you lazy’ and then those who say ‘what list!’ And we all have those days when there are a million things to do, and we don’t know where…

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Drunk On The Moon

    I stumble innocent down the rabbit hole; emerge; transformed and drunk on the light of inspiration.  Article 2014 by Denise Moser Airports have an effect on my reading radar.  It seems I can’t get on a plane without a book.  Over the years the selection has improved to the point where sometimes they…

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Whooppee….One Room Down!

Yes I was whoopee-ing with confidence all over the place a  little while ago…. I have finished the clear out and de-clutter in my office! What a difference! A de-clutter is rather like a detour from life how it was… it makes a space for discovering things we never knew..and will come to love…it is…

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A Blank Mind…Not Empty…Just Blank!

  Now I am on my de-clutter journey BIG TIME!   Create a space they say…the Universe can’t abide a vacuum they say… I have just had 2 amazing phone calls… feeling so energised and grateful! Today…confidence is writing what my heart thinks…when I can find it. My mind is blank….dry… maybe I shredded it…

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Simply put… I Am Clearing It Out!

  Full of vim, vigour and confidence I set sail in my office to – day to start a clean out. OK Call it de-clutter is you must!     The question I ask myself and you probably do to is… How on earth did I accumulate so much paperwork (the stuff will happen when…

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