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Di Riddell

Your Voice Matters - Confidence Beyond 50

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You, Dating Again Di…and, Why Not? Came My Confident Reply?

fear, anxiety, confidence, no confidentce

  The burning question is…was I this forthright and confident when I started? Noooooooo.. and that is the reason I decided on this post. Maybe you to have hit the time when you are contemplating or starting back on the dating scene . There can and is a multitude of reasons that you may be…

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When It Feels Like Life Is Falling Apart…And It’s Christmas.

confidence confidence zappers confident women

  We have this ‘societal norm’ that all is calm, peaceful, happy and loving at Christmas. And it can be, in fact it is wonderful when that happens…and it takes a special kind of confidence to speak out… when it is not happening. Just as well I am not wired for brain activity.. it would…

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I Have Opened My Heart

Confidence caring hearts

  In case you are wondering… or you are holding your breath…wondering what I am up to…for the first time in 11 years I have put myself in a place where I come first. I am being unashamedly me, warts and all..quirky and all…beauty and all!   So yes…I have not been active on Facebook,…

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